There are many steps in the rug cleaning process. We will specifically identify the actual submersion washing process that our rug washing Orlando company uses. We value all steps equally, so let’s identify all the cleaning steps before we talk about the cleaning process.


  1. First is a thorough inspection of the rug. We will be taking pictures of the entire area rug and any areas of concern.
  2. We then do a dye migration (also known as bleeding) test, this helps identify if the rug will have a bleeding concerns during the wash. And if so, we will then take the necessary precautions to stabilize the rug beforehand. If this happens during the wash, we also have steps to control dye migration.
  3. Our soil removal process is next. We call this rug dusting. We gently agitate the back of the rug on top of our grid system, which shakes out the dry soils. Then, using our commercial vacuum, begin to extract the loosen particles.
  4. Its finally ready for the wash. This is what we will be going into great detail about here in this article.
  5. After the rug is nice and dry we then do one last inspection and a final vacuuming before returning your cleaned wool area rug to your home.

Our Orlando rug cleaning team uses different techniques for each rug cleaning, depending on that specific rugs circumstances. Rugs that have urine odor concerns, use a different procedure than a rug with dye migration. We have videos for all types of different rug cleaning processes, just take a look around our website for more demonstrations. The rug you see here has no major concerns, so we clean it on our large tarp and fully saturate it, prepping it for our rug cleaning pre-spray.

Again, we know that not every rug is the same or needs the same type of treatment. That’s why we have over a dozen different types of stabilizing and cleaning solutions. This rug is getting our natural fiber wool rug cleaning shampoo being that there are no major concerns when we did our pre-inspection and dye test.

Now comes the fun part of the oriental rug cleaning process. We bring out our high rpm agitation machine with its gentle brushes. You can see that we attack the rug aggressively from all angles. Going forward and backward and side to side. This is done on both the front and back of the rug. This step may need to be repeated if there are substantial traffic areas or any stain concerns.

After the rug shampooing process is complete, we then use our powerful water flow system, powered by an industrial Dayton pump, we get up to 50 gallons per minute (GPM) of water flow. This is vitally important as the roughly 10 gallons per minute that a garden hose produces is not enough to flush through the fibers, nor is the water flow adequate enough to properly rinse the rug of the rug cleaning shampoo. We also get a boost in PSI which helps substantially in the flushing of wool rug. Combined with our 1 inch diameter hose and fire hose nozzle, we can flush rugs with ease.

Before we begin our secret water extraction process, we will first squeegee out the majority of the water with our oversized industrial squeegee. This process is just a stepping stone for our secret water extraction method. If you would like to know more about or special secret step feel free to give us a call.

Finally, your rug will be hung to dry or laid flat if there are any dye migration concerns. We use industrial air movers and dehumidifiers to properly control the drying in a timely manner. Proper drying is very important and without the proper equipment there is no way to get them dry in time frame where rug damage can occur.

Hopefully this helps identify the difference between carpet cleaning and rug washers. Don’t let just anyone touch your valuables. Call a rug cleaning Orlando professional today.