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Area Rug Cleaning New Smyrna Beach Florida

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When it comes to maintaining your beloved area rugs, a proper professional area rug cleaning New Smyrna Beach service is extremely important! While regular weekly vacuuming is recommended to help keep the surface pile debris free, it does little to clean below that surface pile. Standard use of in-home area rugs leads to an abundance of dirt, dust, hair and other debris that can compound deep into the base fibers. The only way to ensure that your Oriental rug is perfectly clean is to hire a team of professional cleaners that utilize a full-immersion washing process.

Oriental Rug Cleaning Fern ParkWhether you have an Afghani, Chinese or Persian rug, our New Smyrna Beach area rug cleaning service dislodges and removes deep-rooted dirt and grime. We also have a pretreatment that is specifically tailored to treat pet odor issues on your rug. This submersion treatment will completely remove all pet mess from the rug and comes with a 100% Guaranteed Pet Odor Removal!  All of this is made possible by our use of the best equipment and solutions, coupled with years of experience.

If you take a minute to check out some of the video demonstrations on our website, you can learn all about our services and how they are performed!

An Environmentally Friendly Approach To New Smyrna Area Rug Cleaning Services

As an environmentally conscious business, we avoid the use of harsh chemicals in our treatment processes. Our technicians use environmentally friendly cleaning solutions that help to achieve the best results possible, in a safe manner. The use of harsh chemicals isn’t just dangerous for the environment, these chemicals can actually cause real damage to an area rug. Strong chemicals can also leave behind harmful residue which can be dangerous for both humans and pets alike.

Our environmentally friendly approach uses methods that we’ve developed over the years to treat all types of issues from heavy odors to heavy soil. Our full-immersion rug washing process will safely and effectively clean your rug in the most thorough way possible, removing dirt and debris throughout!


Why Choose Our New Smyrna Beach Oriental Rug Cleaning Company?

Our area rug cleaning New Smyrna company is a family owned and operated business with years of professional rug washing experience. We provide the safest, most effective rug treatments that are available. We will be able to achieve the best possible results with every rug we treat!

Here are a couple of other reasons to choose our rug cleaning services over others:


  • Excellent knowledge about your high-end area rugs and textiles: Area rugs are made from a variety of fiber types, which require proper knowledge in order to perform the proper service. As professional rug cleaners our job is to pair the right cleaning method to the type of material we are servicing, to ensure the best results.
  • A 100% Guaranteed Pet Odor Removal: Our full-immersion pretreatment will completely remove any pet odor issues from your rug. This treatment is so effective, we can guarantee complete pet odor removal!
  • Always On Time: Our area rug cleaning New Smyrna service puts high priority on arriving for your pickup or delivery appointment within the window that was provided. Our technicians always update you when they are en route!


Our Full-Immersion rug washing process is an amazingly effective and safe method for treating virtually all types of area rugs. Once our Rug Supervisor has had the opportunity to perform a pre-wash inspection, he will be able to identify and verify the particular rug fiber types that make the pile of the rug, as well as the base of the rug. This proper fiber identification method will help guide our technicians down the right path of service! We use a variety of solutions that have proven to be perfect for the various fibers and applications that they are used on. Each step of the individualized treatment for your unique area rug is carried out in carful detail, by hand, by our experienced staff. Every step of the area rug washing process, from the Inspection, Dusting and Prepping, to Washing, Agitation, Drying and Post-Wash Inspecting, has a special procedure that is carried out in the most professionally detailed way possible! We do our best to take great care of each and every one of our New Smyrna Beach customers! 

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Whether you have an expensive Oriental rug or any other type of handwoven family heirloom, you can trust us to deliver unsurpassed results. Call us today at 407-930-4854 for a fast quote or to find out more about our area rug cleaning Fern Park services and our 100% pet odor removal guarantee!