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Area Rug Cleaning Apopka Florida

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Experienced Apopka Area Rug Cleaning Company

Oriental Rug Cleaning ApopkaOur Apopka area rug cleaning company offers the most thorough and competitively priced rug cleaning service! Our team has over a decade of experience with cleaning high-end natural fiber area rugs, and over the years we’ve developed a set of techniques that are tailored to fit your specific type of rug. Not only are we able to achieve the best results possible, but we also offer a 100% PET ODOR REMOVAL GUARANTEE!  In some extreme cases where the rug is so dirty that it is hardly recognizable, our service helps to restore it to its former beauty.

We Don’t Use Harmful Chemicals or Toxic Substances

Some companies will use harsh chemicals to help speed up their cleaning process. These chemicals can be harmful to not only your rug, but can be harmful to anyone in your home as well. That’s why our oriental rug cleaning Apopka company takes a non-toxic approach to cleaning your area rugs. The advantage of this is that not only are the results as good as if harsh chemicals were used, but the rugs are safe to be used within your home. If you are the owner of a rug made from natural fibers like wool or silk, you can rest assured that our cleaning methods are the safest and most effective methods for those delicate fibers.

Why Doing it At Home Does Not Work?

The common assumption by many homeowners is that vacuuming should be enough to keep their rug looking and smelling clean. The fact is that vacuuming does not do much beyond lightly cleaning the top layer of the rug. As rug experts, we can tell you that most of the dirt and debris collects within the base fibers of the rug. Some of the debris is so deeply embedded within the rug’s fibers that the vacuum is not able to remove it. An annual professional cleaning is so important, as it is the only proven way to remove the compounded debris.

Our professional area rug cleaning service in Apopka is the absolute best method for keeping your area rug in the best condition possible. A good, thorough cleaning takes time and requires abundant knowledge to achieve the desired results.

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