Area Rug Cleaning Winter Park FL

Area Rug Cleaning Winter Park Florida

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As a local, professional area rug washing plant, we really know a thing or two about area rugs. Our technicians are educated and trained in all facets of rug crafting, as well as rug maintenance and washing. That is one of the many reasons we have been fortunate enough to become the leading rug washing company in one of our favorite areas, Winter Park, Florida! Our service area is wide and ranges all throughout the greater Central Florida area, from down in St Petersburg, up to Jacksonville and to both coasts on our East and West. But one of our favorite areas, that have been one of the most important to our success, since our early days, would be our Oriental Rug Cleaning Winter Park area! Our facility is located just south of Winter Park in East Orlando. As we do with most of our blog posts, we want to provide you with some information that we hope you will find helpful. If you live in Winter Park and have found this post, hopefully you will enjoy learning a bit about our service. Throughout this post, we will explain a bit about our services, focusing on what we do and how we do it. When speaking with new customers, there seems to be a pretty good even split of customers who are familiar with the oriental rug cleaning process and customers who are not familiar with what a rug cleaning process entails at all. We do our best to help answer any questions any of our customers have, as well as explain the processes of our services in an easily understandable manner. We do believe that a customer who understands the process is going to be much more comfortable and happy with the service as someone who is wary to have their beautiful area rug washed because they do not know much about the process. It is important to know what kind of rug you have, so that you know the proper ways to care for, maintain and wash, as well as how to properly use the rug. Some rugs are meant more for show and light use, others are built specifically to be durable and withstand everyday usage. Some rugs can be cleaned with more harsh methods like a hot water extraction, others need specialty services to help eliminate fiber damage, color bleed, dye transfer or damage to the base of the rug, amongst other possible issues. Our rug technicians are highly knowledgeable experts. They love what they do and on top of the ongoing, constant training and education they receive, they become more and more experienced each and every day, with each and every rug they service! When you need some information, or some questions answered, you can reach out to our office staff, which similar to our rug technicians has enough rug knowledge to answer most of your questions. If any of our Winter Park Rug Washing customers has a tough question for our helpful office staff, that team member will simply go grab our head rug technician and he will be happy help answer that barn burner of a question!

We have covered basic rug knowledge in the past and we will do so again in future posts. We are going to focus a bit more on our washing services in this post, so you can get a better idea of what it is that we actually do to treat your area rug. Do not worry Oriental rug cleaning Winter Park customers; we can still go over some rug basics quickly. Area rugs will mostly be divided into two categories, Natural Fiber area rugs and Synthetic area rugs. Natural fiber rugs typically consist of rugs made from Wool, Silk, Jute and Cotton. Those are the most commonly used natural fibers in area rugs. Synthetic area rugs can be made of all kinds of synthesized materials, but the most common are Polypropylene (also known as Olefin), Polyester, Nylon and Acrylic. Natural fiber or synthetic fiber area rugs can be hand woven or machine made, which are both methods that are exactly how they sound. The base of most woven rugs will consist of warps and wefts. Warps are longitudinal strands that are tightly attached to a loom or a frame. Wefts are the threads that are woven through the Warps in an up and down method. Rugs with a backing glued on by latex are called tufted. Rugs with nice fringes are typically woven, as the fringes are an extension of the Warps. The color on the rug comes either from pre dye colored yarn, or is added as dye after the rug is woven. Synthetic rugs can withstand heavy duty cleaning services that are typically cheaper and there are more options. Natural fiber rugs are much more delicate and need to be cleaned properly using the preferred method of full immersion washing.

When your Winter Park Area Rug is in our facility and is up next to be cleaned, the first step will be a thorough inspection conducted by one of our skilled rug technicians. This inspection will help us to understand where your rug is from, what it is made of and if there are any wash concerns that might arise. If the technician has any concerns, he will reach out to you to discuss. Once we begin, the technicians will first dust the rug. This consists of laying your rug out, upside down on a custom built grated floor. The technician will then use a hand operated dusting tool to lightly beat the back of the rug, effectively knocking all loose particles from the rug. After dusting, the rug will go to the wash floor where it is immersed with safe, cool water. Special solutions are applied and the fibers are agitated. The constant flushing of water helps to get rid of contaminants as they are removed from the fibers. Once the wash is complete, the rug is put into our centrifugal drying machine. This method uses centrifugal force to safely remove over 95% of the water in a matter of a couple minutes. The rug is then placed on a custom built drying rack while the remaining moisture evaporates. Your rug will go through one last inspection before being signed off for completion! Our staff will then be happy to deliver your nice clean area rug.

If you are searching for area rug cleaning near me, we hope you find us first so that we get the opportunity to provide as much information as possible and hopefully service your area rug! Remember, if you are a Winter Park area rug owner, we are the local, family owned and operated, personalized service company for you!

Do not hesitate to reach out to our office with any questions you might have. We make it an absolute point to provide the best possible experience for each and every one of our wonderful Winter Park Florida customers! While our cleaning services are unmatched in the level of quality as well as the middle of the pack, fair rates we charge, we also understand that this is not all there is to providing a service for our customers. The ease and enjoyment of an effortless and helpful interaction with a company is priceless! Each member of our staff understands and is on board with making things as easy as possible for all of our customers. Whether you are interacting with our pickup and delivery technicians, chatting with a member of our office staff or discussing your service directly with our head rug technician, you will always be met with a friendly, helpful voice! Give us a call at 407-930-4854, send us a text to the same number, or type up an email and see for yourself the difference that our focus on customer service makes!