As Orlando Wool Rug Cleaning specialists, we have serviced many types of rugs from all over the world. Our training, experience and general admiration for natural fiber rugs drives us to perform the highest quality of service, while maintaining the integrity of these beautifully crafted textiles. Natural fiber rugs come in a variety of shapes and sizes from all over the world, and are crafted using different techniques. A natural fiber rug can be made using a variety of fibers, but wool is by far the most commonly used fiber.

A portion of our pre-wash inspection includes testing the fibers to verify the materials used to craft each rug. The inspection process is just as important as the actual wool rug cleaning process. We inspect each rug a minimum of four times throughout the entire washing process to ensure the rug’s integrity is maintained. Check out our video below for a walk through of our initial in shop inspection!

Orlando Wool Rug Cleaning Step By Step Inspection Process

-This video demonstrates our detailed wool rug cleaning inspection. We first begin with a in-depth look at your oriental wool rug, documenting any imperfections as well as taking photographs of your wool rug.

-Next we will lightly beat the back of your rug, knocking out built up dirt into our grids for easy extraction later. We will speed up this process for you, though this process can take  15 min, up to an hour depending on size and other variables.

-Its on to our deep extraction vacuuming. This process helps extract the impediments that came loose during our beating process as well as sucking out deep down dirt in your wool rug.

-Now we will check your rug for die migration, also known as bleeding. This helps us identify which cleaning solutions to use for your wool rug cleaning.

-We will now roll up your rug as it is ready for our in-depth wool rug cleaning process.

-Before we start any more rugs, we always clean up all dirt that was extracted as this helps ensure no cross contamination.

Some may say this is taking it a little extreme, we believe that at the very minimum, this should be the standard. We literally collect pounds of soil out of these rugs, washing these wool rugs with large amounts of soil still inside, can make the rug look worse. Ensure you are selecting a company that takes each step as serious as the next. There is no short cuts when dealing with valuable wool rugs.

We have many video demonstrations here on our website, be sure to watch all of them to see the difference with our Orlando wool rug cleaning process. As not all rug cleaners are the same, some will claim to know how to clean high-end oriental rugs, though they are usually carpet cleaners that have no background or previous education when it comes to natural fiber cleaning. Synthetic fibers also known as wall-to-wall carpeting most commonly seen in homes or fake rugs, can take a beating, using a high PH cleaner, which is normal for carpet cleaning, will deteriorate your fine rugs. Using a high PH cleaner will usually bleach out the dyes that are in your natural fibers. Don’t let an uneducated carpet cleaner ruin your rugs. Give us a call or watch some or video’s to get a good idea of how your valuables should be cleaned.

While we do have an abundance of informational posts and videos on our website, we also make ourselves available to directly help each and every person who is in need of answers to their rug questions! We attempt to make it as easy as possible for any and all to reach out to us. Through our website, there is a contact form you can fill out that is sent directly to our office staff. Our site also gives our our direct number 407-930-4854 that will ring through to one of our friendly office staff members during any of our hours of operation. If the phone is not your thing, you can email us at [email protected]. Our website also contains a Live Chat option that will be instantly responded to during our standard business hours. Many customers reach out through other platforms, such as Yelp or Facebook.

We try to make it as easy as possible to get the answers you seek for the services you need! Don’t hesitate to reach out and see how helpful our friendly staff can be!