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The #1 Area Rug Cleaning Company in Groveland, FL | 950+ Local Reviews

The best Area Rug Cleaning in Groveland, FL and the Surrounding Areas! We have the best values and benefits in the industry:

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About Us

The Best Area Rug Cleaning in Groveland

We have a certain respect for area rug cleaning in Groveland, FL. When dealing with high end natural fiber materials like this you must ensure proper handling and cleaning. Do not treat your area rug like wall to wall carpeting, this can and will ruin your precious floor covering over time. Clean rugs last longer, they noticeably brighten up your home. Virtually every area rug has a long list of dirt and soils you wouldn’t think existed by just looking at them. Get rid of all that and have a cleaner, brighter rug in your home by choosing us to properly clean them.

If your rug is too large to drop off or you are just not in the mood, give us a call and our professionally trained staff is happy to pick up your rug for its scheduled cleaning, best of all, most of the Groveland and surrounding areas get professional, quick service. Give us a shout anytime and let us know what zip code you are located in and we can get your area rug picked up as quickly as possible!

Prior to taking the rug from your home in Groveland, FL, we will review your specific needs as well as, inspect the rug to ensure that nothing has been missed. After all, your rug should return to your home exactly how you want it; looking and smelling brand new. We take a different approach to the dusting/dirt removal process. Even the best looking rugs have been known to pull as much as a few pounds of dirt/soil out, and we do this before the cleaning process. We believe that the dusting process may be the most important part of our detailed cleaning process.

We specialize in removal of pet odors such as dog dander as well as pet urine. We use our special submersion style cleaning which soaks the rug in order to breakdown the urine salts that cause the odor. This process can take many hours depending on the severity of the urine saturation. This tedious process is needed for proper extraction of any urine odors that are emitting from your area rug in Groveland. Though with these proper techniques, you can rest assure that your rug will be returned odor free.

After cleaning, your rug goes through a final inspection process to ensure that it is perfectly clean and in the best possible condition before it returns to your home. When we return your rug, we will replace it to your liking. Contact us today for a quote on your area rug in Groveland.

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Hear From Our Awesome Clients!

We appreciate support from our excellent customers and love giving them the 5-star area rug cleaning service in Groveland that they deserve! We want hope that you join the thousands of happy customers that we have served, but don’t just take our word for it; read more below!

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Why We Are the Best Area Rug Cleaners in Groveland

We understand that price can sometimes be a factor in decision making. And being that you can go to the store and rent a rug cleaning machine for $50 may seem like a good route to go. Though the only way to properly clean an area rug is to make sure it is flushed through the rug not just a surface style cleaning similar to carpet cleaning. Using the hot water extraction method also known as steam cleaning can ruin your valuable rug beyond repair. Our oriental carpet cleaning crew never uses hot water on your valuables. We only use our submersion style cleaning process on all rugs we deal with. It is very important that the proper cleaning process is used or your highly valuable rug can fall apart, change colors, loose dyes and many other impossible to repair problems and in only a few years. With the proper cleaning process then your rugs can literally last a life time and beyond. We have cleaned many rugs over 50 years old and much older. So make sure to choose a company that is highly educated, usually the proper tools and never uses hot water to clean them.

As you can see from the picture to the left, we thoroughly pre spray the rug, this is done before the actual washing of the rug. We apply the best cleaning solution for your rugs needs as not all are the same. Some may require a odor removal cleaner, others may need a dye migration prevention cleaning solution. We have a variety of products at our disposal and the knowledge to apply them properly. We can’t stress enough the importance of a proper cleaning solution, as high PH can damage your rug or even replicate a bleaching and remove the set dyes that reside in the rug fibers.

Area Rug Cleaning in Groveland FL

What to Look For in an Area Rug Cleaning Company

In order to ensure that we are continuing to provide the best service possible using the best solutions and methods for each individual rug we wash, our company constantly stays up to date with continued education and training. While our methods and solutions have been part of our process for many years, we still test new products and try out new methods and equipment regularly. It is our goal to make sure that we are doing all that we can to provide the best service experience possible for each and every one of our customers! When you choose our company for your area rug maintenance needs, you should feel confident that you have chosen a company staffed with friendly, knowledgeable employees who take pride in providing the best service experience out there!

Part of providing the best experience possible is making sure our customers understand what our services are, how they are performed and what to expect. Any member of our team will welcome all customer inquiries, regardless as to if they are using our services or not. Our company is lucky enough to not only have a constant flow of new customer inquiries, we also have a very steady amount of repeat customers who have used our services and have chosen to make us their rug cleaners of choice! Upon initially contacting us, most customers will have many questions for us. But, we not only encourage new call questions, we also encourage customers whose rugs we are in the process of working on to ask any questions they may have throughout any portion of the process.

There are some basic questions we will ask most customers to help us best advise you on proper services and prices. Some basic, yet helpful questions we will ask would be What material your rug is, What size the rug is, Has it been cleaned before and Are there any particular concerns. These questions help us to ensure we are advising you appropriately. When you call into a rug cleaning facility and ask some questions of your own, make sure the company used a full immersion technique with only cool water, there is a full inspection performed, they perform issue specific treatments and that a centrifugal drying process is used. Any good cleaner should welcome any and all questions!

Our Area Rug Cleaning Process
Cleaning Step 1

Before commencing any dusting or cleaning procedures, our team of rug cleaning experts will conduct a meticulous examination of your rug to detect potential dye migration. This preliminary test is crucial in determining the precise cleaning methods tailored to your rug’s needs. In addition to this, we capture detailed photographs of both the front and back of your rug, which are uploaded to your customer profile. Our commitment to transparency also extends to before-and-after images, showcasing the remarkable transformation achieved. This thorough pre-inspection process stands as a cornerstone, paralleling the significance of the subsequent stages in our comprehensive approach.

Cleaning Step 2

We do a thorough dusting of your rug. Proper dusting is the most important part of the cleaning process. Make sure to ask how your rug will be dusted, are they using a vibration process, tumbling, air dusting? We use these process to our advantage depending on the circumstance. A thorough dusting of the rug loosens and removes soils. Then we use an industrial vacuuming process to remove the loosened and remaining soils.

Cleaning Step 3

Our skilled rug-cleaning technicians use special methods and products to treat any spots or issues on your rug. Then, we thoroughly clean your rug using a special shampoo. Each rug is different, so we have a variety of cleaning products to choose from to make sure we use the right one for your rug. If your rug has any color bleeding or damage from moths, don’t worry – we’ve seen it all before and know how to handle it. With our extensive experience, we’re prepared to handle any situation that comes up during the cleaning process.

Cleaning Step 4

For particularly delicate rugs such as antiques or oriental varieties, we opt for a careful hand-washing approach. If your rug doesn’t present any specific concerns, it will undergo a cleansing process in our dedicated rug spa, utilizing a specially formulated cleaning solution. This technique includes gentle agitation to enhance the cleaning effectiveness. Thorough rinsing follows to ensure no traces of dirt or cleaning agents remain. Our comprehensive submersion method guarantees a deep clean that addresses every fiber of the rug, all while safeguarding the natural fibers by avoiding the use of hot water.

Cleaning Step 5

If there were any concerns about dye migration, our experienced technicians will lay your rugs flat. On the other hand, if your rug didn’t show any issues, it will be hung up for drying. We employ industrial air movers and dehumidification methods to ensure effective and timely drying.

Cleaning Step 6
Post Inspection

We conduct a thorough review of your rug to ensure optimal results. Any necessary touch-ups will be identified during this stage of the cleaning process. Additionally, a post-vacuuming step is performed to capture any loose debris that may have emerged during cleaning. Similar multi-step cleaning processes are also available for our carpet, tile, and upholstery cleaning services. Explore Like New Carpet Care to discover our comprehensive range of home cleaning services.

After the entire process is finished, we conclude your rug cleaning journey by delivering your area rug worry-free. Our delivery team consists of two technicians who will ensure your rug is placed in the ideal spot within your home. Our friendly and helpful experts are dedicated to making your delivery experience as seamless as possible.
Customer Experience
At the Oriental Rug Cleaning Plant, we prioritize the personal customer experience as the cornerstone of our rug cleaning process. From your first contact with our friendly staff to your rug being expertly returned to your home, your interaction with us holds paramount importance. Our dedicated team takes pride in offering helpful guidance and creating a welcoming atmosphere for our valued customers. When you call our office, a cheerful voice is ready to assist, whether you’re scheduling services, seeking advice, or asking questions. Our seasoned master rug technician is well-versed in various rug types and cleaning methods, ensuring a secure and thorough cleaning process. He is enthusiastic about his craft and is readily available to address any inquiries. Our mission revolves around achieving exceptional results, not just in the service we provide, but also in your overall experience.

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We Don’t Only Do Area Rug Cleaning!

Our sister company Like New Carpet Care provides high-end carpet cleaning services, as well as oriental rug cleaning, tile cleaning and upholstery cleaning. We have over 950+ reviews across the internet, online sites  such as Angie’s List, Yelp, Google, Facebook and Thumbtack just to name a few. Just Google us, rug cleaning near me, and you will see what all the hype is about. Feel free to contact us about our other cleaning services for your home.

Though rest assure these are two separate entities. We do not allow untrained carpet technicians to handle or clean your valuables. This is a completely separate division, but we can take care of most of your homes floor or upholstery cleaning needs. Head on over to our new Google inspired Area Rug Cleaning Groveland site or click below and get your free quote today!

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More Information About Our

Area Rug Cleaning in Groveland

What types of area rugs do you clean?
We specialize in cleaning a wide variety of area rugs, including wool, silk, synthetic, and natural fiber rugs. Our expertise extends to all sizes, shapes, and designs, ensuring a thorough and safe cleaning for your valuable rugs.
How often should I have my area rugs cleaned?
The frequency of cleaning depends on factors like foot traffic, pet presence, and environmental conditions. As a general guideline, professional cleaning every 12 to 18 months is recommended. However, high-traffic areas may benefit from more frequent cleaning.
Will the cleaning process damage the colors or fibers of my rug?
No, our cleaning process is designed to be gentle yet effective. We use industry-approved techniques that preserve the colors and integrity of your rugs. Our technicians are trained to assess the specific needs of each rug and tailor the cleaning process accordingly.
Do you offer pickup and delivery services for area rugs?
Yes, we provide convenient pickup and delivery services for area rugs in Groveland, FL. Our team will carefully transport your rugs to our facility for thorough cleaning and return them to your doorstep in pristine condition.
Are your cleaning products safe for children and pets?
Absolutely. We prioritize the safety of your family, including children and pets. Our cleaning products are chosen with utmost care, focusing on eco-friendly and non-toxic solutions. After cleaning, we ensure that your rugs are thoroughly rinsed and dried to eliminate any residues.

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