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Area Rug Cleaning
$3.00 sqft

  • Ask About Pickup and Delivery

  • Submersion Washing

  • No Hot Water Extraction

  • Includes Fringes

Rug Fiber Protector
$0.60c sqft

  • Protect Your Investment

  • Pro-Long Rug Life

  • Easier To Clean Spills

  • Wear and Tear

Oriental Rug Padding
$2.00 sqft
  • Protect Floor

  • Comfortability

  • Prevent Floor Stains

  • Safety

With Oriental Rug Cleaning Plant in Orlando, You are Getting the Best Service for Your Money!

As a local, family owned and operated small business, we understand the importance of fair pricing. We asses our costs and prices regularly to ensure we are doing all we can to keep our prices as fair and affordable as possible, without sacrificing our high level of service in any way. Whether you call, email or message our office, you will be communicating with a helpful member of our team who will be happy to advise you in a manner that benefits you most! The prices offered will always be our fairest and we will automatically apply any specials we might currently have that fit your particular service. Keeping our prices as fair and low as we can, for our amazing services, is one of the many ways we do all we can to make sure each and every customer has a wonderful experience with our company!

One of the things that helps our pricing continue to be simple to understand is our effort to fully inform our customers of what our services are and what exactly they are paying for. Unfortunately, there are plenty of companies out there who put their profits first and will do anything possible to get as much as they can out of their customers’ pockets. One classic tactic is called the “Bait and Switch”. This is the method where a low rate is initially offered, only to be drastically raised later. Often, lines like “basic service” are used to describe the reason a low rate was given. The up-charge comes for a more thorough service that just so happens to be needed for each cleaning performed. This is something you want to avoid anytime you can!

When you contact us about a service, we are going to ask you some questions so that we can get a good idea of what services will be needed to rectify your individual situation. We will then go into detail explaining your circumstance, what services are needed and what your costs will be. Our pricing is completely straight forward. You will only be paying for the services needed! We have no surprise up-charges, or levels of cleaning. We provide one heavy duty hot water extraction cleaning service. With us, you always get the best deal, are never hit with surprise charges and will always get the best possible service!

We make it as easy as we can to reach out to our office and chat with a member of our helpful, informative team! You can email us at, click the chat bubble at the bottom of this page to chat live with a member of our office staff, or you can stick with a call or text to 407-930-4854! Our focus on providing the best customer service experience will immediately show itself. You can reach out to schedule an appointment, or even to simply ask us some questions about your rug or the proper service techniques recommended when treating it. No matter the circumstance, we are always happy to help!

Call today and experience our amazing 5 Star Service for yourself!

(Already one of our customers? Don’t forget to check your email for our occasional special Current Customer Discounts. This is how we thank you for being a part of our family!)