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Fringe Cleaning and repair

It’s important to understand that the fringe tassels on hand-woven rugs are integral to the rug’s structure. These tassels are the strands of silk or wool around which pile knots are twisted and tied, forming part of the rug’s skeleton. Consequently, if the fringe becomes dirty or damaged, cleaning and repair can be quite challenging and should be handled by a professional rug cleaner to ensure the best possible results.

In contrast, machine-woven rugs are much easier to clean and repair because the fringe is typically glued on or sewn after the rug is created. These fringes do not form part of the rug’s foundation, so you can simply remove the old, damaged, or dirty fringe and replace it with new fringe.

Regardless of the type of rug, if the fringe cleaning and repair has been chewed off by a pet, torn by a vacuum cleaner, or worn down from heavy foot traffic, it’s crucial to address the issue promptly. Proper care and maintenance are essential to preserving the beauty and longevity of your rug.

Repair and fringe cleaning

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Area Rug Pet Urine Removal

We at the Oriental Rug Cleaning Plant offer expertise when it comes to pet stain and odor removal services in the Central Florida area. Due to our years of experience, we understand how and can guaranteed pet odor removal from oriental rugs.

Pet Urine in Your Rugs Facts

 Pet urine penetrates deep into the fibers of a rug instead of staying on the surface. A rag, towel or sponge will not be the solution in lifting it this away. Often a rug with padding underneath will absorb the pet urine all the way through the pad to damage flooring.

The urine odor may be very strong in your home if it does not properly get removed and cleaned. This odor will be permanently in your home held deep in the carpet fibers and anything else that has absorbed the urine. If you are overwhelmed, do not worry, you are not stuck in this situation. We are here to help.

Best Pet Urine Rug Cleaning in Central Florida

 Your pet is one of best parts of your life, they are like family. But what about the mess they leave behind? What if they get urine on your rug? What are you going to do about it? You can’t let the odor fill your home as that is not a pleasant experience to deal with.

You have a few options that can be used to clean pet urine. The best and most professional solution is to choose a professional pet urine cleaning service to clean for you, like Oriental Rug Cleaning Plant.

All Odor is Guaranteed Removed

The first thing you notice with urine is the odor. It is awful and will spill into everything and you will smell it. Don’t deal with that, take-action right away. Our service is proven to help with pet urine odor.

You will not only get rid of the visual sight of urine, but the lingering odor as well. Once we have used our modern techniques, there will be no smell of urine. We will remove the pet urine staining once we remove the odor.

Urine Bacteria Removal

 A large amount of bacteria build-up is going to happen after your pet has urinated all over the home. It is not a great sight to see and is bad for your health. It is important to get rid of urine as soon as you can. Letting it linger is bad in the long run for you. You want to make sure the service specialist removes all signs of urine. Once this is done, your home will be bacteria free.


If you have urine in your house, you should try to have it removed immediately. You don’t want the urine to seep in and do more damage. It is just like spilling any fluid on your rug or upholstery, you want to take-action right away.

Calling in the Pros

 You will want to call a professional. They have the right solutions and will save you time and money. You don’t have to worry about waiting.

Free Quote

 If you are looking to see what it will cost you, you can get a free quote as soon as possible. This is the right way to remove pet urine from your home. A free quote is going to show what the market has to offer. An excellent service is going to give you a free quote and make life better for you in the long run. It is smart to get a free quote right away before the urine sinks into the fibers of the rug.

A pet urine rug cleaning service is a must for those wanting to clean their rugs as soon as possible. Do not delay, you won’t like urine stains in your home and it will smell awful. Many people let this happen and it is not appealing.

It is best to start with a professional solution that will make sure to remove the urine. As long as you call in a professional team, it won’t get out of control.

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How To Clean an Area Rug

Here are some DIY tips: How to clean an area rug. 

Be ver careful applying these methods when cleaning your rug. There are many variables involved when it comes to the making of a rug, ensure your rug can apply these DIY techniques, as rugs cleaning with an improper cleaning processes can damage the rug beyond repair.

1. Agitate the Area Rug

You will need to find a way to beat the rug. For professional area rug cleaning shops, this process is easily done with the proper equipment. For home owners, we suggest to put it over a fence and use a broom beat the rug. This will remove lightly embedded soils from the area rug.


2. Vacuuming

Now that you’ve removed most of the loose soil in the rug, it’s time to utilize a strong vacuum cleaner. Regular vacuuming is going to be your rugs’ best friend in terms of maintaining its original sheen and luster. We suggest (depending on the amount of traffic your rug will get, will play into the consideration of frequency) at least two times a week. It can literally add years to the life of your rugs.

3. Stain Removal

First off removal as much of the stain as possible.Get a white rag and blot until there is no more transfer to the rag. Blot the stain from outside to inside and then rinse. If need be, repeat these steps. Try not to scrub the stained area too hard as this may adversely affect the fibers.

4. Area Rug Cleaning Professionals

Depending on the material with which the rug was constructed, you should perform a professional cleaning at least once a year. If your rug is in a high traffic area, or your household includes young children and/or pets, a deep cleaning might be in order on a more regular basis. If the rugs are delicate, extremely aged, or from certain regions of the world, you should hand wash them only. Natural fibered area rugs are best cleaned with proper cleaning agents and cold water.

5. Dry Your Rug

After a deep cleaning you want to be absolutely sure that it is dry on both sides, this is best done by using a moisture meter. If a moisture meter is not an option, ensure you ring out any excess water. Use the heat of the sun, and air movers/fans to speed up the drying process so as to prevent any possibility of mildew or mold setting in.

Tips for Maintaining Your Area Rug. 

Here are a few ideas to help keep your rugs in fantastic condition.

1. Area Rug Padding

Now that your rug is clean, be sure that they are supported by quality padding underneath. This not only enhances the comfort factor, it prevents slippage and aids in reducing wear.

2. Rotation of Your Rug

Make sure you rotate your rugs once every few months. Depending on the degree of foot traffic the rug experiences, some people rotate them as often as every month. This helps reduce “traffic patterns”

3. MoveYour Furniture

Rearranging your furniture breaks up or eliminates natural pathways that people usually traverse across, not to mention a cool new look for that room. This can add years to the life of your rugs



Call a Professional Area Rug Cleaning Company

No matter how great a job you do in cleaning and maintaining your rugs, there are bound to be times – due to either convenience or excessive staining or buildup of dirt and grime – when you need the services of a pro. No matter what the cause, there are many good reasons to entrust the cleaning of your area rugs to a professional.

1. We Area Your Area Rug Cleaning Experts Near Me

No matter what the material, size, or condition of your area rugs, we know exactly what to do to make them look clean and healthy. We have many years of experience and proper cleaning equipment to do the job.

2. Large Rugs Are No Problem

As Professional area rug cleaners, we tackle the deepest stains and the dirtiest rugs with the tools and cleaning agents that are consistently proven to provide successful deep clean outcomes. The result is an area rug that looks almost brand new.

4. We Have The Time and Expertise

It may be that what with your work in and out of the home, you just don’t have the time to keep your rugs in the kind of shape you desire. Some people contract with a professional cleaner for periodic cleanings and maintenance for their area rug on a regular basis. For them, the cost and peace of mind of this service is well worth it.

Give Us A Try!

In addition to knowing how to properly care for them, it’s just as important to deal with a reputable area rug cleaning company in selecting the rugs you wish to purchase to begin with. If you’re looking to add another area rug to your home, The Oriental Rug Cleaning Plant can assist you with all of your flooring needs. Contact us today for a free estimate.


Protect The Surface Fibers Of Your Rug

Whether your area rug is made of natural fibers or synthetic materials, the ultimate goal is to keep the rug looking and feeling good for as long as possible. Synthetic area rugs made of tough, durable fibers that can withstand vigorous cleaning services. However, due to the way these rugs are manufactured and their cheap cost, they do not last as long as most natural fiber rugs can last. The cheaper cost will typically lead most consumers to simply replace a synthetic rug, as opposed to keep up with a full maintenance schedule. Rugs made of natural fibers typically cost much more and can last for generations. Natural fiber area rugs will often have sentimental ties within a family. Those ties, along with the ongoing worth of the rug will lead most natural fiber area rug owners to maintain their rugs properly in an attempt to keep them fresh and clean for as long as possible. Regardless of the fibers used in crafting your area rug, or how the rug was constructed, if you are maintaining your rug properly, you might want to protect it as well! That is where the application of a stain and fiber protectant comes into play!

Having a professional rug washing company apply a stain and fiber protectant to you freshly clean rug helps to buy you an extra window of time to treat a spill. Also, it will help to keep more soil on the surface of the rug so that it can be vacuumed up more easily.

There are some over the counter products that can be purchased and applied by the consumer, but the best results are achieved by having a professional technician apply the protectant after a cleaning service is completed. When a professional applies the fiber protectant to a freshly cleaned rug, they will follow the necessary steps to ensure optimal performance. The protectant should always be properly and thoroughly groomed in during the application. This will help the protectant to contact and coat each one of the individual fibers for maximum coverage. The protectant should also be given the chance to dry completely and evenly in a temperature controlled environment.

There are two separate types of fiber protectant that are typically used: water based and solvent based. Generally, protectants that are solvent based will perform better than the water based types. This is especially true when applied to natural fibers like wool, cotton and silk. Both types of protectants do essentially help to protect the rug fibers from absorbing spills too quickly.

Always keep in mind that rug protectants, even when professionals apply them properly, are not the “end all” to make your rug completely resistant to damage. The protectant works by helping to keep a spill on the surface of the rug where it can bead up, as opposed to sinking down within the pile. The protectant is typically effective at keeping the spill beaded up at the surface for up to 15 minutes. It is still incredibly important to treat the spill as quickly as possible to keep it from seeping through the protectant. If a spill sits and works its way down through the protectant, you will want to have your rug cleaned by a professional as soon as you can. That is your best chance to help avoid a permanent stain.

Regular maintenance, including in home vacuuming as well as professional cleanings is an integral part of keeping your area rug’s surface pile clean. For maximum results, remember to have the fiber protectant applied after each professional rug cleaning.

Always feel free to reach out with any questions you may have! Our company is full of friendly and helpful team members who are always ready to help! Call us at 407-930-4854 any time!

Surface Pile Wear

It is a typical event for our in home floor rugs to show diverse examples of wear and tear throughout the years. Regardless of whether your floor rug is made of synthetic materials (Nylon, Olefin, Polyester) or natural fibers (Wool, Silk), it is still regularly subjected to use that will definitely cause some type of visual wear over the surface of the rug’s pile. Any professional rug washing technician will suggest that you routinely keep up your floor rug maintenance with week by week vacuuming, tending to spills instantly and having an expert rug cleaning performed every year. Following those means, alongside doing your best to keep pedestrian activity over the floor rug constrained, keeping it out of direct daylight and far from any free roaming pets, will keep your rug looking and feeling as new as could reasonably be expected, for whatever length of time that is possible. No matter how well you deal with your hand or machine made floor rug, it will inevitably be lead to some sort of wear. The most widely recognized kinds of wear that show over the surface pile of a floor rug are Pile Distortion, Wear Patterns and Traffic Lanes. You may ask what these issues are, what makes them occur and how to counteract them. We are here to give some data that will disclose the solutions to your inquiries and ideally help to direct you along in the path to properly maintaining your floor rug.

A Wear Pattern on your rug would show as regions over the pile that are obvious to the naked eye and large enough to make it easy to spot. These patterns comprise of filaments exhausted or dissolved because of consistent, substantial utilization. Carpets utilized in entryways or lobbies most regularly fit this portrayal. High Activity Paths on a floor covering that don’t get enough general upkeep will inevitably create wear designs. Weaker strands will normally separate totally when subjected to over the top pedestrian activity, which in itself causes changeless Wear Patterns. These worn down patterned sections can’t be rug washed, unlike typical activity paths that may have the capacity to, because of the perpetual harm caused. The zones with the most wear can inevitably separate from the base weave, leaning spots with no pile at all, if not dealt with accordingly.

Area rug High Traffic Lanes are zones over the most exceedingly trafficked parts of the rug that look darker and more stained that alternate segments. High Traffic Lanes are typically situated on the zones of the floor covering that are most strolled on or where individuals may lay their feet on frequently, for example, the center of the mat, or regions set around furniture. These High Traffic Lanes are an immediate aftereffect of consistent pedestrian activity, and in addition insufficient standard upkeep. Weaker floor mat filaments don’t ordinarily hold up well to typical activity, while being even less durable when subjected to much higher activity. High Traffic Areas with weaker strands tend to appear considerably more observable and will commonly appear more rapidly than on higher quality area rugs. After a broadened timeframe, these High Traffic Areas will plainly look darker, dim and dirtier than the segments of the floor covering that lie underneath furniture.

An unsettling influence in the surface and shade of your rug that happens when standard usage or long term wear causes the filaments that influence the surface pile to untwist themselves, would be considered to be Pile Distortion. The untwisted strands will now assimilate light into new zones of the filaments, while the zones of unworn strands that stay in their original settings will keep on reflecting the light that hits them. There are circumstances in which general, regular pedestrian activity can prepare the strands to lean the wrong way. Shockingly, because of inappropriate in home cleaning, strands can be reset in the area at which they lie and less solid filaments, similar to the kind you would discover in natural rugs, will lose the snugness of their contort which influences them to lie in the wrong direction. These segments of the rug’s surface pile that wind up dim and mutilated can wind up enduring through the life of the rug. The strands in these zones lie in an unexpected way in comparison to where they are proposed and can’t be swept back to sit legitimately. Standard rugs with bigger, more open designs normally demonstrate this contortion more so than carpets with more detailed designs.

Our office staff and our professional area rug service technicians are always here to help. If you would like to schedule a service or simply have some questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to our office at any time! If it’s after hours and you are looking for some particular information about area rugs, feel free to check out our informational blog-posting page!

Little White Knots

What we in the business call “White Knots” alludes to modest little bunches of white yarn that might be scarcely noticed all through a floor mat. These white bunches are ordinarily white, yet can really be diverse colored hues, dependent on what shade of yarn was utilized while making the base of the floor mat. These bunches are located inside the surface and base of pretty much every hand crafted floor mat rug. These little white yarn bunches appear in floor mats regularly because of spots in the floor mat where the base yarn broke. This occurs as the mat weaver is making the carpet, while it is extended over the frame. The two broken pieces of the woven yarn are attached back to each other with a knot, which creates the (usually) white yarn bunch. After the break in the yarn is repaired, the weaving of the floor mat rug proceeds. These white bunches are generally covered up inside the surface pile and not generally easily seen. Be that as it may, as the surface pile starts to wear or tangle out after some time, because of standard wear and use, the bunches start to show themselves more and more as they draw nearer to the surface of the pile heap. The lower the heap gets, the higher the bunches appear and that makes them considerably more unmistakable to the common vue. A good area rug washing will help these to show even more.

Woman hands weaving carpet closeup photo

The white bunches that start to show themselves over time are typically neglected by the floor mat proprietor, until the floor covering has been professionally washed. This is for the most part in light of the fact that once the floor mat rug washing process has been carried out, the bunches are typically perfect, splendid and considerably more effectively obvious. Standard utilization of the rug will prompt a cumulation of dirt, hair, dust and soil on the floor covering which adequately conceals the white bunches to the common vue. A regularly unnoticed result of these bunches showing themselves means that the surface pile of the area rug is wearing. The bunches show themselves as the floor mat, surface rug heap wears out.

Keep in mind that you should not cut those white bunches off, under any circumstance! Being that these bunches are holding essential base strands together, cutting a white bunch can give the yarn a chance to become unattached from the rest of the rug base, which will inevitably make an opening in the floor covering. White bunches are basically a positive sign. When you see these white bunches, you know you have a decent, credible, handmade floor covering. In any case, on the off chance that you view them as an inconvenience to your perspective of the floor covering, you can alter the way they look. If you feel that it is important to free your floor covering of white bunches, you can have them repaired. Repairing is a costly procedure that involves removing some of the surface pile and replacing it, yet it is lasting. A more savvy repair technique is to have an expert touch them up utilizing a color that matches the specific spot of the floor mat rug that shows the white knots. This strategy is normally significantly less costly, yet is just an impermanent fix.

Remember, that if you see these white knot yarn bunches in your area rug it is a good thing! It is one of the more clear signs that your rug is an authentic, hand woven area rug that uses natural fiber yarns. Always keep up with regular maintenance to help keep your rug looking and feeling good for a nice, long life! Never hesitate to reach out to us with any questions you may have, we are here to help!

Tufted Rugs

Tufted Area Rugs are particular rugs that are made in a bit of a different manner than hand or machine knotted rugs. First, there is a primary backing that is stretched out over a frame. This backing is very similar to muslin. The particular rug design is then drawn onto this primary backing. Next, the colored fibers, or yarns, are inserted into the primary backing by poking them through the backing using a hand operated tufting gun. The fibers are then evenly cut down to create the pile. The third step consists of rolling a layer of latex adhesive onto the back of the area rug. This latex adhesive holds the tufts properly in place, as they are not knotted onto the primary backing. Lastly, finishing hems as well as a secondary rug backing are glued onto the back of the rug, which completes the process.

It is quite common for modern area rugs to be constructed in this manner. This efficient rug making process helps to make area rugs more affordable to a much larger market of customers.

One of the most common occurrences we encounter when cleaning area rugs in our facility is pet urine contamination. Treating a tufted rug for urine can be especially difficult due to the layer of latex adhesive that holds the backing on. Urine needs to be flushed out of the rug and the tufted backing can make that process difficult to carry out completely. Fortunately, a proper full submersion bath-like treatment is a highly effective way to completely remove urine from a tufted area rug. Check out some information on this style of pet odor treatment by clicking the link.

Often, a brand new hand tufted area rug will emit a particular type of noxious petroleum type odor. Unfortunately, there is not too much that can be done to completely remove this odor. The latex glue that is used within the tufted area rug will often carry out a natural process called “off gassing”. This process creates an odor similar to what you would experience in a freshly painted room or a brand new car. Any person with chemical sensitivities would be effected by this odor release more so than most others. While a proper in-facility cleaning service is the most effective cleaning method for a tufted area rug, a proper cleaning and deodorizing will not necessarily completely remove the latex odor.

As a tufted area rug ages, the latex glue that was used during the rug construction process begins to break down and disintegrate. As the latex glue continues to decay, it will cause a white silt like powder to fall from the base of the rug. Over time, the break down of the latex glue can even cause the secondary backing to become loose and separate itself from the rest of the rug. When the white powder becomes abundant and the backing starts to separate, the tufted rug owner will come to a point where they have to decide to either have the rug professionally repaired (remove and replace the latex glue and apply a new backing) or to discard of the tufted rug. Depending on the specific rug, the cost of repair can often exceed the cost of replacing the rug itself.

Feel free to contact us HERE at the Oriental Rug Cleaning Plant in Orlando with any questions you may have about tufted area rugs. Our staff is full of friendly, helpful team members who are always eager to help!

Putting The Customer First!

When you hire a company to provide any type of professional cleaning service, make sure you choose a company with a positive history that uses trained employees, proper equipment and proper methods. If you have found this thread, you have more than likely been led here by way of an online Internet search that took you first to a platform showing our abundance of positive reviews. We are proud to have so many wonderful reviews about our Oriental Rug Cleaning Plant Orlando! When we started this company, we stated with a philosophy of providing each customer with the best experience possible. When we talk about , we mean exactly that! The total customer experience encapsulates every step of the process, from the moment you contact us, through your service appointment, all the way through to when we follow up with you to ensure a positive experience. This is the foundation on which our company’s success stands.

In order for us to have gotten to a point in which we can consistently provide such a positive experience for each one of our individual customers, we regularly spend time having meetings to discuss our feedback, to discuss new ideas and to check out new equipment, solutions and procedures. We like to think of it as “continuing education” for our Oriental Rug Cleaning company. Some of our customer service methods, cleaning methods, equipment and solutions have been a continually successful part of our company’s daily operations since day one, but there have also been some improvements along the way that have helped us to keep the customer experience we provide at the highest level possible. We believe that no matter what services a company provides or how long a company has been in business, most things constantly evolve with time, so a continued effort to provide the best service or product available will help to set certain companies apart from the rest along with helping these customer experience centered businesses succeed.

If you look our company up online, you will not have to go too far to find some of our outstanding reviews. As this post is written, our reviews are growing abundantly across the Internet. Sites like Yelp and Angie’s list give customers a platform to share their unbiased experiences with the world. Even Google itself has a review system that can be quite helpful during a search for a product or service provider. Word of mouth has always seemed to be the preferred, most reliable way to determine whom you should hire or what you should purchase. When you have a friend, relative or neighbor rant and rave about how well a service company performed, or how well a certain product works, you are going to feel much more comfortable and inclined to purchase that same product, or to hire that same service provider. Well, these days, online reviews can be the best word of mouth referrals available. The key is to find a company with an abundance of reviews, this will really be able to give you an idea of what to expect with a product or service. It is always a little fishy when a company or product has a five star rating, but only has 4 or 5 reviews. But, if you see a company or product with many reviews, reaching into the hundreds and sometimes the thousands, you really can feel like the reviews are a true reflection of what you should expect out of a product purchased or a service provided. I myself cannot purchase a product or hire a service provider without doing what I feel to be my due diligence and researching online. I feel that we are lucky to have accessibility to such a wide range of reviews and ratings for services and products that really show a consumer’s true thoughts and feelings regarding particular products or services. This amazing tool that is a product of modern technology should be coveted and used regularly.

As we have already mentioned, the key is in the number of reviews. The more reviews there are, the more comfortable you should feel that the reviews are genuine and honest. Our Oriental Rug Cleaning Plant Orlando as well as our Oriental Rug Cleaning Facility Tampa has earned many reviews online; thanks to the work we continuously put in to ensure that our customers are always receiving the best service and customer experience possible. These reviews are a direct reflection of the service experience you will receive when working with our company. We will continue to put the complete customer experience at the top of our list of importance, and it will continue to show by way of happily satisfied customers. We feel so confident in our reviews and service, thanks to the effort put forth by every member of our Area Rug Cleaning team!

Our rug technicians operate a variety of service equipment to perform our full immersion washing process in our facility. This method uses a cool water full immersion flushing process that replicates the ages old river wash, which along with our proper equipment and solutions, provides the best and safest wash for all of your area rugs, no matter the material the rug is made of or even the construction type of the rug. All of the equipment we use is the best and most reliable equipment on the market. Our rug washing solutions are safe, biodegradable solutions that are highly effective for treating a variety of rug types, making is a safe yet effective solution that is used to help loosen up the fibers, making the debris much easier to remove. During each rug washing service, our technicians will perform very thorough pre cleaning and post cleaning inspections, which help the technicians to identify any possible concerns and proceed with the proper cleaning methods. Our technicians are very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable when it comes to any of the services they perform. Customers are always encouraged to ask any questions they may have or to point out any particular concerns they may have about their area rugs. After the initial in depth pre cleaning inspection is carried out in our facility, our friendly technicians will advise you on any issues or concerns that are recognized and what should be done going forward.

A combination of our high end professional equipment, safe and effective solutions, proper methods and constant employee training give our area rug technicians everything they need to provide each and every one of our customers with the best service and customer experience possible! We are happy to say that we have honestly earned each one of our reviews by way of starting our company with and continuing to put the total customer experience at the forefront of importance! Give us a shout and see for yourself. Use us once and you will see why our customer retention rate is out of this world!

Don’t Forget The Maintenance!

Here at our Oriental Rug Cleaning Plant, we perform a full immersion washing process on all of the area rugs we clean. This service is meant to replicate the “River Wash” area rug washing technique that has been carried out since the first area rugs were woven, and is even still carried out today in some areas of the world. When people would wash their area rugs in a river, this was a way to clean the rugs thoroughly while also keeping the fibers from being subjected to excess abrasion which caused early deterioration. Essentially, this is a safe and thorough method for treating all types of natural fiber area rugs. To replicate this process, your rug is laid out on a custom built floor where we can thoroughly flush the rug safely throughout the entirety of the cleaning. Flushing the rug helps to naturally agitate the rug fibers which helps to loosen up any dirt or debris that resides within the area rug. As the debris is loosened from the fibers, it is carried away with the running water. This is a natural result of the flow of the river water when carrying out a river wash. So, with using a custom built tank, pump and hose system, we can actually replicate this process in our facility. Using a hand operated orbital machine, the technicians have the added benefit of being able to pull any remaining dirt or debris that still resides at the base of the rug out. This delicate and effective cleaning process helps us to yield fantastic results with each rug we treat.

Our process is a highly professional service that can only be carried out by a trained professional in a facility using high end equipment. This type of professional cleaning is typically recommended to be carried out every one to three years, depending on the individual usage of your area rugs. However, there are circumstances that will call for an impromptu professional rug cleaning service. While it is unfortunate, spills or random messes can and most likely will occur. When you do have an unfortunate accident involving your area rug, whether the rug is natural or synthetic, you need to act quickly. Depending on the nature of the accident, the fibers of your area rug could be subject to different types of damage. Fiber damage typically shows itself in the way of permanent staining. This can happen with standard wear and tear, foot traffic typically being the main culprit. Besides regular wear caused gradually by foot traffic, accidental messes are an unfortunate byproduct of life itself. When you do have an accident on your in home area rug, you can act quickly to help reduce the possibility of permanent damage. Once you have completed your initial in home clean up, the next step would be to have a professional cleaning service carried out. Regular maintenance will help to extend the life of your area rug, but proper accident treatment will also help to keep your rug looking as good as possible for the remainder of the rug’s life.

We always love to do what we can to help our customers stay informed and equipped with the knowledge of what it takes to treat and maintain their coveted area rugs. Sometimes in these posts, we like to share some information that helps to achieve these goals of proper rug maintenance. Below, we will provide some information that we think will help with your maintenance routine needed to keep your area rug looking and feeling good and fresh for as long as possible!

Take your fleece floor covering outside. Shake off any free soil or tidy that has amassed on your mat since getting it or cleaning it last. Earth and clean rubbing against floor covering filaments really end up being harming to the nature of the carpet over time. Make certain that it is dry wherever you shake it out. Shaking a wet floor covering can additionally install the earth you are attempting to expel. In the event that conceivable, assign a region where you can hang a clothesline and hang the fleece mat that way. Beat against the floor covering with a sweeper to help shake it clean.

Run a vacuum over your mat. Vacuum the carpet in a V type shape to interchange the vacuum’s heading and counteract pulverizing the filaments of the fleece floor covering. Rehash this 3 times over the fleece mat. To shield soil from working up and installing itself in your sensitive floor covering, at any rate, you ought to vacuum consistently: twice per month. Vacuum the underside of your fleece mat once at regular intervals. Ensure the vacuum has a setting of a high tallness to abstain from fomenting the mat unnecessarily. Shrinkage, heaping, and general harm to the fleece strands can be a consequence of fomenting the carpet excessively.

Wash the mat once the greater part of the soil has been expelled. Wipe the floor covering with cool water and a gentle fluid cleanser or carpet cleanser. Wash the edges of the floor covering with a similar arrangement. Ensure that you wet the mat, giving careful consideration to the snooze of the floor covering. When you brush your hand against a mat toward the external edge in direct movements, one side will feel harsh and the opposite side will feel delicate. The delicate side is the rest side. Apply the foamy water toward the snooze side. To complete the activity, flush all the lathery arrangement off the floor covering altogether with water. Ensure all cleanser is out of the mat before proceeding to the following stage.  Dry your floor covering quickly. Fleece floor coverings require a broad dry so do your best to dispose of any abundance dampness on the mat by crushing it out or hanging it out to dry under the sun. Never put them in a dryer, yet don’t hesitate to utilize warmers to help encourage its drying speed. Once the rest of the carpet is dry, turn it over, and dry the back of the floor covering. Ensure the two sides of the mat are totally dry before setting it back on the floor. In the event that the material feels solid subsequent to drying, vacuum the carpet once again or brush it tenderly to bring a portion of its delicate quality back.

We do hope that this information will help you to keep up with your proper maintenance routine for your beautiful in home area rugs. However, don’t forget to have your professional cleanings carried out in a proper facility every one to three years, or whenever there is an unfortunate accident. Our Orlando Rug Cleaning professionals are always ready to help answer any questions you may have, or to provide a fantastic service on your beloved area rugs!

Why Are Oriental Rugs So Expensive?

When selecting an oriental rug, some may get sticker shock.But there are many things to consider what makes an Area Rug so relatively expensive. People often talk about the number of knots per square inch, but that is just part of the equation.

We will provide a short list considerations for determining an Oriental Rug’s value. The knot type and size is an aspect of determining the quality of a rug’s construction, but there are many other factors to consider. The number of knots per square inch alone does not answer many questions.

1) Condition vs Age

Not only is the condition of the rug a major factor but the age of the area rug will also come into play when trying to determine a value of your rug. Being there is a limited supply in old and one-of-a-kind handmade rugs, this can be one of the most important reason that we as appraisers consider when determining the value of an oriental rug.  A good rule of thumb is the older the rug and the better condition the rug is in, then most of the time the higher the value will be.  There are always exceptions to the rule and certain rugs that hold enough value that may be in need of some repair or restoration, can still hold a high value, depending on how easy of a fix and what is wrong with that rug.

2) Origin of Your Rug

The country of origin is of particular importance in determine what the value of a rug can be. The labor and technique for the different countries can vary widely and this plays a big part in what an appraiser will determine your rug is worth.

The country of origin impacts the values of antique rugs too. A particular region, village or tribe may be know for their style or beauty during the time that the carpet was made. The Turkish village of Usak in Central Anatolia and they have been weaving Usak carpets there for hundreds of years.  These types of  rugs should continue to hold its value and increase with proper maintenance.  In addition to the fact that labor is more expensive here, these higher quality new rugs go through more time consuming weaving and finishing processes like hand spinning the wool and dying the wool in small batches than most other types of new rugs. The fact that an Usak rug is authentic (actually made in the Usak village) adds to its potential long term value.


3) Materials

The materials and craftsmanship are important factors since these are involved not only in the quality of the construction but also in a carpet’s esthetic appeal.  The most common materials for Oriental rug construction are wool, cotton and silk. There also many types of materials labeled silk in newer rugs like banana silk, cactus silk and even some synthetics like viscose. Be carful when trying to select a “silk” style rug, as many faux silks are out there, and are sold as real silk. These faux silks do not last nearly as long and the quality is horrible in relationship to real silk. It’s important to know that not all wool is the same. There are significant differences that you can see and feel in the grade of the wool that is used and the way it is spun before it is woven. The higher elevation areas tend to raise sheep with more luxurious coats which translates into a more luxurious rug pile. Hand spinning the wool versus machine spinning the wool makes a softer and more natural looking pile with a nicer handle to the rug.

 4) Dyes Used

Natural dyes vs Synthetic dyes: The natural dyes are consistently preferred to the synthetic chromium dyes for their natural beauty.  When rugs are dyed using natural dyes the colors appear less intense and saturated.  They are more complicated to make and require more expert knowledge than the synthetic dyes. The knowledge and scarcity of these experts adds value to a rug that has been woven with naturally dyed wool.

5) Knot Density and Structure

The art of Oriental rug weaving has been historically passed down through families from mother to daughter.  Today weaving patterns are largely still traceable geographically although there are some countries where labor is less expensive that have trained weavers to tie knots that are not indigenous to the area where they are now being made.  While knot size is a consideration, the more important consideration is the density of the wool and how the knots are tied.  One quick way to tell some about the durability of an Oriental rug is to feel the handle of it.  If it is very loosely woven it is going to feel very flimsy in your hand it is not going to wear as well as a rug with a sturdier but still supple handle.

6) Hand Knotted vs Machine Woven 

Like anything there is a “higher-end” material and way its made vs a cheaper less labor intensive way to buy. The vast majority of the time machine woven rugs are cheaper in cost to purchase, thicker in relationship to hand knotted, as well as heavier. These are made in factors by the dozen. On the other hand you have hand knotted rugs that can take months to finish one rug. Usually thinner in appearance and much lighter then machine made. Price can vary greatly when comparing similar looking rugs that are hand knotted or machine made, but when it comes down to it, Hand Knotted rugs are almost always of better quality and value.

Hopefully this blog helps you understand there are many variables that come into play when determining a rugs value. The  combination of materials, construction, visual appeal determined by the weaving technique, type of materials used and ply of those materials are all factors when appraising a rug. There is no magic tell tale factor like knot counting that can solely determine the quality or value of an Oriental rug. If you have a question about your rug or a rug you are looking to purchase, give us a call and we will be happy to help in your decision making.