Carpet Binding and Serging

What is Rug Serging and Binding? Professional Rug Binding is a very unique craft that takes patience and skill. It calls for continuously wrapping the edge of the rug with material such as yarn, which will provide your rug with a finely finished appearance. You will need the assistance of well-trained and licensed experts to have this service done effectively.

If you have ever gone to a major carpet warehouse, you may have noticed that some most carpet is sold by the yard. The reason is because they are typically used in wall-to-wall carpeting. The problem with that is sometimes you don’t want to have wall-to-wall carpeting. Sometimes, you want to get a rug cut and bound so you can have it as an accent to your flooring. It can be done!

Acquiring a rug that is made to order can be rough, especially if you are looking for carpet remnants. If you want to get that custom rug that is perfectly paired for your home, no need to worry, that is what we are here for.

Is it Possible for all Rugs to get Cut and Bound?

In theory, yes, in practice, it can depend on the type of rug that you choose. Some rugs are preferable for binding than others. For example, you probably will not be able to properly bind a rug that is made out of jute. Binding rugs that have a print on them might not be that great since the print can be cut off unevenly.

Rug Serging and Binding Creation Options

Area Rugs: One very useful purpose for carpet binding is to create area rugs. Often when you have carpet installed in your home there are left over pieces that can be easily created into beautiful area rugs.

Save Rugs: If you find that one of your rugs is beginning to fray, call Oriental Rug Cleaning Plant to find out how we can save your rug with an easy binding service.

Make It Your Own: If you have an area rug or carpet that you would like to change and add some style to it, you may want to consider rug binding for this as well. Rug binding not only protects the edges of your rug, but it also can add a nice look and style to your existing rug.

The Materials Used for Rug Binding & Serging

The most common materials used are wool, cotton or synthetic fibers. These threads should be used to secure your newly bound carpet or rug and prevent them from unraveling. We have a team of professionals that can serge & bind rugs by hand or machine, depending on the rugs composition.

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