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Area Rug Cleaning Lake Nona FL

Area Rug Cleaning Lake Nona Florida

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The Most Trusted Lake Nona Area Rug Cleaning


There might be plenty of Lake Nona FL area rug cleaning companies to choose from, but there are a number of reasons why most homeowners in the area choose us! We emphasize open communication in an effort to provide an excellent customer experience to go along with every cleaning service. Our vast experience, knowledgeable technicians, high end equipment and proven solutions all combine to help us provide the best possible cleaning service for each and every rug. Our area rug cleaning service offers some of the most competitive rates allowing homeowners to get the best possible rug cleaning at reasonable pricing.

If you have an Afghani, Oriental, Synthetic, Persian or an uncertain type of antique rug, we are the area rug cleaning professionals of choice for cleaning your type of rug. Our goal isn’t to just clean your soiled rugs, our goal is to achieve the best results possible which includes completely removing all dirt, debris and any other contaminants. At The Oriental Rug Cleaning Plant in Lake Nona, we take a proven multi-step approach that is custom to each individual rug we service.

Your Precious Rugs Are In Professional Hands

Oriental Rug Cleaning Lake NonaMany home and business owners are concerned about their rugs being damaged during the cleaning process. This is a legitimate concern that we absolutely understand! There are plenty of issues that can cause damage to a rug while it is in your home. In our efforts to communicate well with our customers, we always explain any existing issues that could cause further damage during a service. We approach each service in the safest way possible, in an effort to get your rug as clean as it can be while avoiding any damage that could occur. Our honesty in explaining all possible scenarios prior to beginning the service is a prime example of the emphasis on respect we show our customers. We treat our customers like we treat our family!

Steam Cleaning Does Not Work

You might not know, but hot water extraction (aka steam cleaning) can cause permanent damage to the natural fibers within an area rug. Our full-immersion cold water cleaning process is the recommended method, due to its effectiveness, while also being the safest route possible. There can be mud, dust, and even small dust mites hiding within the deep recesses of your rug’s fibers that can only be removed with a proper, professional wash. A surface steam cleaning by a hot water extraction truck mounted unit is not going to fully clean your area rug properly. Check out our videos that show our step by step process in relation to the carpet cleaning style method. Our professional Oriental Rug Cleaning Lake Nona company’s full-immersion area rug washing process is second to none!

Committed Oriental Rug Cleaning Lake Nona Pros

If you would like a professional area rug cleaning or would like to get a quote for your area rug cleaning in Lake Nona area, feel free to call us today at 407-930-4854.  We will be more than happy to provide the best customer service and answer any questions you may have about the process!