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Area Rug Cleaning Leesburg Florida

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Did you know that not only is a proper professional area rug cleaning Leesburg extremely important but many people overlook the importance of daily vacuuming  to keep their rugs clean. Though the fact is, that vacuuming isn’t enough if you want to remove deep-rooted dirt and grime. Also, running a vacuuming across your oriental rug a couple of times will not remove stains or make it smell fresh. The same goes for using commercially available home steam cleaners on your high end or natural fiber area rugs. The only way to ensure that your oriental rug is perfectly clean is to hire a team of professional cleaners that utilize a full submersion washing process.

oriental rug cleaning Leesburg fl

Whether you have an Afghani, Chinese or Persian rug, our Leesburg area rug cleaning method dislodges and removes deep-rooted dirt and grime. We also ensure that your area rug is free from pet dander, odor, and stains, as we can provide you with our 100% PET ODOR REMOVAL GUARANTEE! All of this is made possible by our use of the latest technology coupled with years of experience.

Need a demonstration of our ability to clean an oriental rug or area rug ? Then call us today or check out the video demonstrations of our area rug cleaning process here on our website.

An Environmentally Friendly Approach to Leesburg Area Rug Cleaning Services

As an environmentally conscious business, we made an effort never to use harmful and toxic cleaning fluids and powders. The use of harsh chemicals isn’t just dangerous for the environment but also for rugs made using natural fibers. It (toxic chemicals) can also leave behind harmful residue which is dangerous for both humans and pets alike.

Our environmentally friendly approach uses methods that we’ve developed over the years to tackle all types of issues from odor to stain removal. Not only that, but we use the latest technology that allows us to deep clean carpets to the extent that every fiber is cleaned thoroughly. That’s why your rug ends up looking and smelling great after we’re done.

Why Choose Our Leesburg Oriental Rug Cleaning Company?

Ours area rug cleaning Leesburg company is a family-owned and operated business that has years of experience in the carpet and rug cleaning industry. Not only do we offer thorough oriental rug cleaning, but back the work we do with a satisfaction guarantee.

Here are a couple of other reasons to choose our rug cleaning services over others:

  • Excellent knowledge about your high end area rugs and textiles: In our experience, any method of cleaning is only as effective as the material that’s being cleaned. So, as professional rug cleaners our job is to pair the right cleaning method to the type of material we are dealing with to ensure the best results.
  • Effective Stain Removal and Guaranteed Pet Odor Removal: We can effectively remove all types of stains and odors from your area rug. However, we can do this without using toxic or dangerous chemicals, that leave residue behind.
  • Always On Time: Our area rug cleaning Leesburg service top priority is to be on time in the window we provide you.  We make it a point to arrive at your doorstep with everything needed to thoroughly clean just about any type of area rug.

Schedule Your Leesburg Rug Cleaning Today

Whether you have an expensive oriental rug or any other type of handwoven family heirloom, you can trust us to deliver unsurpassed results. Call us today 407-930-4854 for a quote or to find out more about our area rug cleaning Leesburg services.We offer a 100% pet odor removal guarantee!