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About Us

The Best Pet Odor Removal in Windermere

We love our pets and we love our valuable area rugs in Windermere, FL. So what do we do when our small fury friends have an accident on our highly expensive oriental rugs? First off don’t panic, we will go into detail of the chemical reactions and remedies to take when an animal has urinated on our rugs.

Pet urine odor in rugs, cause us many problems and thousands of dollars every year, and the most obnoxious part is not the stain, its the odors that are left behind and make homeowners cringe whenever passing through a contaminated area. The carpet or rugs now not only have a strong odor emitting from the area but also have that unsightly stain that is left behind.

Pet odor and specifically urine, do not only subside on the top of the rug or carpet, but deep down inside the bottom of the rug or padding. When the accident happens, the urine puddles on the carpet for a moment, but then it is absorbed into the bottom up the rug fibers and underlying padding, as the cotton warps and wefts and padding acts like a sponge. The urine will eventually evaporate, leaving behind concentrated amounts of urine salts and bacteria in it’s place. Now that the urine has evaporated and the urine has crystalized. Now this may seem like a good thing, as when the urine crystalizes the odor its self can seem to go away. This is true, though as soon as humidity levels change, and moisture hits they salts, this pungent odor will emit back into the air, causing potent urine odor. When it comes to pet odor removal, you don’t want to wait! Give us a call or schedule a pick up for your rug today.

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We appreciate support from our excellent customers and love giving them the 5-star pet odor removal service in Windermere that they deserve! We want hope that you join the thousands of happy customers that we have served, but don’t just take our word for it; read more below!

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Best Methods To Get Rid Of Those Pet Odors

Now you can understand the process of what happens after Fido takes that initial pee pee on our valuable rugs. Let’s talk about how these pesky urine salts can be rectified with our pet odor removal in Windermere, FL. Most of the items in your local box store praise on eliminating the stain, which is great, but what about the urine salts deep down in the fibers and in the padding? We recommend flushing the rug completely, this is why a carpet cleaner is once again ineffective when it comes to your oriental rugs. Using a garden hose and some over the counter chemicals from a box store is not going to do it. You need full submersion with the proper cleaning solutions that attack the urine salts where they live, deep down in the fibers, back of the rug and if you have padding there as well.

Though if you do decide to try this at home, make sure to get an enzyme based cleaning solution that specifically attacks urine salts, you also will need to make pond type of area where you can fully submerse you area rug in Windermere, FL. If you do attempt this feel free to give us a call and we will do our best to walk you through a safe and effective process. If there is an isolated spot on your rug, mix two tablespoons of vinegar per cup of warm water and pour over the saturated area. Use a shop vac to remove the cleaning solution after it sits about 20 minutes. The distilled white vinegar contains acetic acid which helps break down the salt crystals. After thoroughly removing the liquid with a wet/dry vacuum, u must then use a syringe to inject the enzyme cleaning solution deep into the rug and pad. If this seems uncomfortable or not something you look to tackle on your own, we recommend you give us a call or get your free quote today and we can guarantee 100% odor removal from you rugs and carpet.

Pet Odor Removal in Windermere Fl

What We do for Your Rugs In Windermere, FL

We love to provide as much helpful information as possible in any way possible. Whether you are a long time customer, a brand new customer, or you are just curious and calling with some questions, we are always happy to help in any way we can. This page, along with the rest of this site, helps by giving plenty of details that relate directly to the particular concern, what causes the concern and how to particularly treat the concern. In this case, we are discussing pet urine issues. The above paragraph gives you some basic directions on how to safely attempt to treat a pet urine issue in your home, for most types of rugs. However, the effectiveness of our service lies in the details, which we would like to share.

Our in facility, full submersion, pet urine and odor extraction treatment is a pretreatment that is so effective at removing urine from a rug that the odor removal is Guaranteed! After the rug is in our facility and fully inspected by our rug supervisor, a plan of attack is formed. When ready, the rug is placed in the submersion bath, along with a safe and effective solution that breaks the urine crystals down to a liquid, so that they can be removed from the fibers of the rug. While in the submersion bath, the mixture of water and the solution are constantly flushed throughout the entirety of the rug. This ensures that the treatment is evenly applied to every square inch of the rug, for maximum effectiveness. Once we have verified that the treatment is complete, the rug then goes directly to the wash floor where the full immersion wash process then takes place. The depths of this service is what makes it a necessity when it comes to removing pet urine odors from your Windermere area rug!

Pet Odor Removal and More In Windermere, FL

Once the Pet Odor Removal pretreatment and the Full Immersion wash has been completed, and your rug is free of those pesky pet odors, don’t forget to have our technicians apply our high grade fiber protectant?!? This protectant is odorless and unnoticeable by feel or sight. It is applied right after the cleaning and dries on the fibers, coating them in a safe and effective manner. This protectant will help any spills or messes that might come into contact with the surface fibers of the rug to pool on the surface for an extended period of time, as opposed to immediately seeping down into the base fibers of the rug. What this does, is gives up abundant opportunity to clean the mess up, before it caused permanent fiber damage.

When your rug is first crafted, most manufacturers will actually apply their own version of a fiber protectant to help keep the rug looking as fresh as possible, from the crafting station, to your home floor. The area rug protectant application will typically be quite effective for up to about a year from the date of application. It is always recommended to have both your rug professionally washed annually, as well as having the protectant applied after the wash. Feel free to call our office TODAY with any questions you might have! In the meantime, check out some more information on our area rug protectant application service on our dedicated page, HERE!

It is absolutely understandable that this abundance of information for a service you might have never had performed, or might not have performed that often, might seem like a lot. If you scroll through our website you will find page after page of informative content. We do our best to be as transparent, explanatory and up front with each and every one of our beloved customers, as we see this as the best way to provide the best experience possible. We include photos and videos in regards to the services we perform and the information we provide, as an additional step to help you better understand our company. While we do provide an abundance of information on our site, we know that many people would still like to chat with one of our professional team members so that some questions they have could be answered. Luckily, we have a variety of options available to do so. Whether you call, email, text, message through our website, or use our live chat option on our site, you will always be met with a pleasant team member, ready to help! Reach out today with any questions you might have!

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Our sister company Like New Carpet Care provides high-end carpet cleaning services, as well as oriental rug cleaning, tile cleaning and upholstery cleaning. We have over 950+ reviews across the internet, online sites  such as Angie’s List, Yelp, Google, Facebook and Thumbtack just to name a few. Just Google us, rug cleaning near me, and you will see what all the hype is about. Feel free to contact us about our other cleaning services for your home.

Though rest assure these are two separate entities. We do not allow untrained carpet technicians to handle or clean your valuables. This is a completely separate division, but we can take care of most of your homes floor or upholstery cleaning needs. Head on over to our new Google inspired Area Rug Cleaning Windermere site or click below and get your free quote today!

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More Information About Our Pet Odor Removal in Windermere

Why does my rug have a lingering pet odor?

Pet odors can persist in rugs due to organic compounds in pet urine that penetrate fibers and underlying layers. Traditional cleaning methods often fail to completely remove these odors.

Can I remove pet odors from my rug at home?

While home remedies might provide temporary relief, they often mask odors and don’t address the root cause. Professional rug pet odor removal utilizes specialized techniques and solutions to effectively neutralize odors.

Will professional pet odor removal damage my rug?

No, professional rug pet odor removal is designed to safely and effectively eliminate odors without causing damage. Skilled technicians use methods that preserve the rug’s integrity.

Is pet odor removal a permanent solution?

Yes, when performed by experts, pet odor removal can be a permanent solution. Professional treatments break down odor-causing molecules, providing lasting freshness.

How long does the pet odor removal process take?

The duration varies depending on the rug’s size, odor intensity, and cleaning method. Generally, the process can take a few hours to a day. Your rug will be returned to you clean, odor-free, and ready for use.

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