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Rug wet from a flood?

Did your rug get sopping wet from a leak, broken pipe or as a result from firefighting, you must act quickly to prevent unwanted damage to the oriental rug.

  1. Removing the area rug completely from the surface its currently on is the best idea to let the floor beneath the rug to dry. Do not allow the area rug to stay in water for prolonged period of time because it can cause damage to the rug face fibers and the flooring underneath.
  2. It is best to start with squeegeeing the rug, pushing in the direction of the pile. No squeegee? You can use a heavy duty broom to get as much water out of the rug as you possibly can.
  3. At this point, the rug is still damp, but no longer sopping wet. Using a shop vac to pull out as much water as you can is the next best option. Finish drying it any way you can. The sun is a great source of fast drying. A fan aimed at the rug will help.
  4. After you have squeegeed and used a shop vac, you may now roll the rug up and stand it on its end.
  5. The best best is to contact a professional rug cleaning company, they have tools such as centrifuge that can spin out 90%+ of the water, clean and dry properly.

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