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Bugs And Rugs

We have had our fair share of services involving rugs that have some bug damage on them. Most of the time that we come across bug damaged rugs, they are rugs that are coming from storage. When a rug sits in storage, whether it is in your garage or a storage unit, it gives a couple different types of bugs an open invitation to feast. The moth damage actually comes from the larvae, not the adult moths. Another insect that is known for destroying rugs would be the Carpet Beetle. These pesky insects actually eat the natural fibers that the rugs are made of. Once the fibers have been eaten, that’s it! Your rug will be destroyed and will never be it’s natural self again. The best way to combat this problem is to be preventative. These problems typically only occur in rugs that are in storage, your normal every day used rugs usually do not have these problems. So, make sure you store your rugs properly! My next post will be all about proper rug storage. Tune in next time for more great advice from our professional Oriental Rug Cleaning Orlando geniuses!

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