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Rug Storage

This post will be about properly storing your rug. Whether you are moving, resurfacing your floors or simply need to store your natural fiber, oriental rug, there are proper steps to follow to help maintain the life and appearance of your beloved rug. Most oriental rugs will last a very long time if properly cared for and stored.

When a rug is going to be in storage for more than a few months it should be cleaned, sprayed with insecticide, and wrapped in protective plastic or a tough synthetic paper. Do not use newspaper or common brown wrapping paper. These materials are not chemically stable and do not provide the protection from insects or moisture the stored rug needs, actually, they are usually quite acidic. Make sure the rug is completely dry. Think twice about using moth balls or flakes these materials have little repellent effect, and the resulted odor to the rug can be difficult to remove. Cedar scent is useless in moth control. Store the rug in a clean, dry place out of the reach of squirrels or other rodents. Periodic inspection of the rug is strongly recommended.

Follow those storage tips and it will help to keep your beautiful rug in as good of shape as possible for as long as possible. When it comes time to clean your rug, give us a try. Our Oriental Rug Cleaning professionals know what they’re doing and will be happy to perform the high quality cleaning service that is needed for natural fiber rugs.

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