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Hand Cleaning

When we clean your high end, natural fiber rug we treat it as if it were our own! Our highly skilled hand rug cleaning Orlando professionals are well trained and versed in all aspects of rug cleaning. Our first and second steps of our procedure are inspections. The first inspection is a visual inspection that the rug technician will perform in the customer home with the customer present. Once we get it back to our facility, the rug goes through a much more in depth inspection process before we will begin to clean your rugs by had, this is just to ensure all proper methods are applied.

One of the things we are most proud of is our actual cleaning process in which we clean every rug by hand. Some larger companies use large automated machines to clean their rugs. The machines are not as thorough as having a trained professional hand wash the rug, at times. If you haven’t seen a rug washed by hand, it is a very thorough, in depth process. Due to the delicate nature of the natural fibers in the rug, it is very important that the rug is cleaned very delicately. Our process ensures a top quality cleaning while protecting those delicate natural fibers. Once you have your rug professionally cleaned by us, you will look forward to your next cleaning!

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