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Urine In Your Rug

When we begin our in-depth Natural Fiber, Oriental Rug cleaning process we complete a couple of different inspections to check for a variety of things. We check to verify the actual fiber type of the rug. We complete a dye test to determine if the rug is at risk of dye transfer or dye runoff. We inspect the rug for any damage or post build repairs. We also check the rugs for urine. That last inspection may sound like the least important test we run, but it is not as simple as it may sound. Our rug cleaning experts are well versed in how to complete all of the tests, so the pet urine odor in rug testing procedure is a bit more detailed than you would think. The actual cleaning process can take days, depending on the severity of the contamination. Heavily soiled rugs will need to soak in a cleaning solution for up to 24 to even 48 hours. We have the equipment to allow constant flushing of the rug, as it needs to be flushed completely not just surfaced cleaned. Without complete immersion, there is no way to completely rectify this odor causing contaminants. This is why we can offer 100% guaranteed odor removal for you oriental rugs.

If we find the rug to contain urine, there are a couple different routes we can take that are determined by the level of urine contamination in the rug. If the urine content is very little, we typically can proceed with our typical cleaning process. The delicate cleaning and flushing process will usually take care of any light urine natural fiber rug. But, if the urine rug cleaning is more saturated, it will need to go through a different process to remove the urine from the rug before we can even begin the regular cleaning process. The pre cleaning rug inspection that we complete will determine the level of saturation. Sometimes the naked eye or nose can be deceiving. The pre cleaning urine soak process is very similar to how it sounds. We soak the rug in a specialized solution that is diluted with water. The water and solution are constantly moving over, under and through the rug to help flush the urine out prior to beginning the actual rug cleaning process. The main objective is to attack the urine salts, these are the source of the odor. Just surface cleaning will do nothing for the urine salts that subside in the middle and lower areas of the rug fibers. Special cleaning solutions are required to attack the urine salts and destroy them, without the proper cleaning process and cleaning solutions there is no way to get complete odor out of natural fibers especially wool.

If you need your high end Natural fiber rug cleaned, give us a try and enjoy our professionalism at work!

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