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How Important is it to Clean my Area Rug?

Importance of Rug Cleaning.

Over time your rug can be damaged by foot traffic, dust, loose dirt, liquid spills, animals, children and other miscellaneous debris.  Even direct sunlight can visually damage your rug.

We know your area rugs mean a lot to you and they are just as important to us.

Rugs that are not properly maintained can post great health risks, especially to children and seniors. They act like a filter in your home collecting germs, dirt, pet dander, rotting food particles, dust, allergens and even tiny bugs.

What Can Be Done?

Weekly vacuuming your rugs is a good start. This will help keep out the dirt and soil that can accumulate. Will also help with the indoor air environment.

Keep Off!

The best way to keep your oriental rugs clean is to have a “shoes off” policy in at your home. Shoes track in dirt, allergens, waste and many other germs, this is the most recommend step in our opinion.

Let the Professionals at the Oriental Rug Cleaning Plant Help!

Regular professional cleaning is the best way to maintain the beauty with your rugs. Having your area rugs professionally cleaned will make your rugs better by keeping them healthier and last longer. Call us today to learn more 407-930-4854!

We provide many services for your area rugs. 

Binding – A repair technique that requires stitching a side of a rug that maybe damaged or frayed.

Fringe Repair – Replacing damaged or discolored fringe.

Pet Odor Removal Submersion Treatment – Our 100% guaranteed odor removal processes is like no other. We can guarantee the removal of any pet urine in your rug.

Rug Padding – We offer special cut to fit padding that helps keep your rug in place and protect the floor beneath your rug. Rug pads also help with color transfer, as dyes from your area rug can permanently stain the hard surface or carpeting underneath. Our rug pads are two sided, this is so it can be used on hard surfaces as well as carpet.The surface is specially treated to provide extra grip and prevent fuzzing and fraying.

Pet Stains – Pet Urine stains are amongst the most difficult stains to remove . While the odor itself is easily destroyed with the proper cleaning process, there are many variables when it comes to the removal of the stain. From the changing PH levels as the urine dries, to the fiber type and construction of the rug, these factors play a huge part in the removal of the urine stain. Many times, the stain can cause permanent damage.

Area Rug Protecter– Having a fiber protector applied to your rug gives you and extra window of time to treat a spill. It can also allow for more soil to release when you vacuum when compared to non-protected rugs. Professional application of protector to new or freshly cleaned rug will ensure the ideal result.

Have questions, please give us a call anytime or check our the rest of our website for more details.


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