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Avoid Severe Sun Fading with these Rug Care Tips

A new risk for rugs in the summer is sun bleaching. Your rugs can be exposed by the sun this time of year and cause fading and bleaching. Summertime we get to go outside and enjoy the weather but it also causes to destroy the longevity and beauty of furnishings.

Use these rug care tips to help prevent sun bleaching and fading in the summer.

What is Sun Fading?

Fabric and fibers naturally fade but some more than others. Factors that contribute to fading are:

  • Fabric type
  • Fabric color
  • Dye type
  • Dye method
  • Light exposure
  • Location in your home

Wear and tear will also cause fading with time. Lighter color rugs fade less due to the sun having a lower impact of exposure.

 Do Not Place Rugs in Direct Sunlight

Consider the location of your room when deciding where to place your rug. Watch the sun for a few days to see where it comes in through your window before placing the rug.

The most intense sun of the day will do the most damage to your rug and the furniture in your home.

Place your rugs where they are less likely to be ruined by sun fade. Some rooms are limited to size or how your furniture can be arranged. If your furniture can’t be rearranged, follow the tips below to help protect your rugs from sun fading.

Hang Curtains in the Room

Curtains or blinds can help reduce sun fading in your home. It improves your homes energy efficiency as well as protects your furniture, carpet and rugs.

Thick curtains or black out shades will do better to protect your homes interior.

You can let the sun in when you want to, but make sure to close curtains and blinds when you leave or during the most exposure of the day. That will give you some exposure to the sun without worrying about damaging your rug.

Put a Coating on Your Windows

Many newer homes come with windows that have a UV protectant coating to protect your house from sun fading. If you are not ready to replace your windows, add a tint or coating to them.

The cost per square foot for the window treatments can be from $6 to $14. Remember you are increasing your homes energy efficiency as well as protecting your furniture and rugs so that you don’t have to replace them as often.

Make sure your windows don’t have other issues before placing the tint. If there is air leaking from the frame, tint will not fix that. You don’t want to incur the cost of treatments to find out you need to replace your windows.

Light-Colored Rugs Should be Placed Near Windows

 If you have a room with lots of sun exposure place lighter-colored rugs near the windows. They are not as vibrant and the effects will not be as noticeable. Even a simple pattern rug is good to place near a window even though the details may fade. You can have bright rugs in your home but place them carefully to avoid damage. This will extend the life of your rug.

Oriental of heirloom rugs are difficult if not impossible to replace so they need special protection. Don’t place them in the sun and don’t keep them in storage where you can’t enjoy them either. The more time they spend in the sun, the faster you will have to replace them.

Ask Your Rug Cleaning Company About Rug Protectors

Fluorocarbon rug protectors adds a protective layer to your rug.  These treatments are not right for every type of rug, however ask your rug cleaning company about whether it is right for your rug or not. There are great benefits to using the protectant like stain and soil resistance. It helps extend the life of your rug even more. Ask your rug cleaning company for protectant that is safe for your home, especially with kids and animals.

Does Sunlight Fade Wool Rugs?

All types of rugs fade in sunlight. Wool and cotton will fade and become brittle due to repeated sunlight exposure. Whatever fabric your rug is made of, it will fade with sunlight. Try to keep your rugs from heavy or repeated sun exposure to ensure it stays vibrant. 

Is Sun Fading on Rugs Reversible?

 You do have options once a rug has been faded in the sun. The tips may be all that is faded and the fibers below still have color. Professionals might be able to cut the pile gently to get to the color below on your rug. Once you have had this done, you need to remember to try to keep the rug away from the sun. This technique can only be done so many times before there is no rug left to clip. Use these tips above to keep your rugs vibrant and lasting a long time.

Professional Rug Tips

 For any questions or tips, you can contact the team at Oriental Rug Cleaning Plant. We provide professional rug cleaning, with pick up and delivery in Orlando, the West coast and the East coast in Florida. We can give you tips and answers to all your rug questions.

Our blogs give you information and tips on keeping your rug clean and beautiful for a long time to come.

To schedule rug cleaning services with us contact us at 407-930-4854.

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