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Our company may be experts when it comes to Oriental Rug Cleaning Orlando, but there are other aspects of the rug industry that deserve to be recognized as well. Today we will talk a bit about the rug crafting process. The essential tool used in the process of rug crafting is a Loom. Surely you’ve heard the term Loom before. The oldest mention of a loom found was in the early 1400’s. Back then, a loom wasn’t considered a machine, it was referred to more as a tool. It wasn’t until the 1800’s when a loom was actually referred to and built as a machine. The function of a loom is to weave various fibers together to make different types of textiles, including rugs. The loom will hold the warp threads very tightly in place while the weft threads are interweaved through them. There is a tool used to make this process efficient, a tool called a Shuttle. The shuttle holds the weft yarn inside of it and is fed in and out of the tightly strung warp threads. Hand woven rugs are made just how they sound, the shuttle is passed through warp treads by hand. There are many methods of completing this process. Typically, the warp threads are raised and lowered while the shuttle is passed through. This is called Shedding and Picking. This form of crafting is simple and complex at the same time. It is a practice that has been used for thousands of years and to this day still follows the same principles. A loom is an early engineering marvel of mankind!

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