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Synthetic rugs

While our Oriental Rug Cleaning Orlando technicians are well versed when it comes to cleaning rugs, customers themselves may not know as much about their own rugs. Synthetic rug cleaning is completely different then natural fiber rug cleaning. There are many types of rugs, made of different materials that come from different places. Each different type of material will have a different feel, different look, different level of durability, as well as a different cleaning process. Synthetic area rugs are not like natural rugs in any way except they can be confused because of the look of being a rug.

You can group them generally into two separate categories. Natural Fiber rugs or Rugs made of synthetic materials. Each one of these categories are filled with a variety of different fiber types. Some of the more common natural fiber rugs are made of materials such as Wool, Silk or Cotton. These are the more expensive types of rugs. These types of rugs must go through a very specific, thorough hand washing process.

Cleaning natural fiber rugs in the facility allows all the proper steps to be taken during the process. In our facility we are able to properly dust a rug, prior to beginning the wet washing process. When a rug is not dusted, then improperly washed, the remaining dust can be compacted deep down into the base of the fibers. Eventually this will create a mud like substance that can leak out of the rug when it is wet, during an improper cleaning. When a rug is subjected to an improper cleaning method it greatly opens up the possibility for damage to the rug. Dye transfer or permanent dye damage are big problems that can happen to any natural fiber rug when improperly serviced. That is one of the main reasons it is so important to have your natural fiber properly washed by a professional. The correct washing method uses certain solutions, along with specific cleaning techniques to prevent this type of damage.

It is very important to have your natural fiber rugs washed properly, by a professional. Hopefully the information provided will help to emphasize the importance of proper rug washing. Do not have your natural fiber rugs steam cleaned in your home. Make sure that the company you entrust to care for your beautiful natural fiber rug is experienced and provides the correct cleaning service for your rug!

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