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Rug Cleaning Near Me

This post will contain some information on the different styles used to craft the types of rugs that you may purchase or have cleaned one day. If you are looking for professional rug cleaning near me, then this information will be perfect for you if you are in the Orlando and surrounding areas. We enjoy the opportunity to share our knowledge and know how with anyone, anytime. Each employee of our company is trained on a variety of rug related topics. Whether the employee works in the office, or washes rugs in our facility, they are all knowledgeable when referencing rugs. Not to much surprise, rugs can be crafted a variety of ways. This is something our staff educates itself on to help better understand all aspects of a rug that we may be servicing.

The most popular way to craft a rug is to weave the materials to be used into a rug. These types of rugs would be called Woven Rugs. Woven Rugs are very easily the most common type of rug that we clean. A woven rug is made by passing one strand of loose material horizontally through a tightened configuration of vertical strands of another material. The loose material is woven over and under each strand of the tightly strung material. This loose material is known as the Wefts. The tighter strands of material that are held in place are known as the Warps. Woven rugs can be handmade or machine made. Handmade, woven rugs are typically high end rugs that can date back generations.








Another form of rug crafting is called Prodding. This method typically uses a tough, durable material as the “pile” of the rug. The pile material is prodded into a tough backing. Burlap or Linen are often used as the backing, although a variety of materials can be used to form the pile. These rugs are usually used near an entry or exit way as the long, prodded fibers can conceal dirt well. That makes them perfect for brushing shoes off. There is another method used to craft a rug which is somewhat similar to the prodding technique. This is called Rug Hooking. This is similar to prodding in the sense that these rugs will typically also use Burlap or Linen as a backing and the pile material is poked or prodded through using a crochet type hook with a handle. A big difference between these two methods of rug production is that Rug Hooking is often used to make decorative rugs. If you have ever seen a detailed, intricate rug mounted on a wall, you may well be looking at a rug that was created by rug hooking. Another type of rug that will not often be found at your rug cleaning facility.







There are, of course, other methods used for crafting all sorts of rugs. Hand made, machine woven, tufted, shag, short pile, no matter the type of rug, there is an interesting story behind the manner in which it was fashioned!

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