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Silk Rugs

We  like to keep our customers informed when it comes to the variety of cleaning services our company provides. Today, we are going to provide a little bit of information regarding  Silk Rugs. When dealing with Silk Rugs, it is highly recommended that they are treated with the utmost care. We are very delicate and detailed in our Silk Rug Cleaning process, because we care about the quality of the work we provide to our wonderful customers. To some people, these high end rugs are just a fancy accent in their home. To others, it is an important part of their family. Whether it was purchased with the intention of remaining in the family forever or it has been passed down from generation to generation.

Silk is a beautiful fiber that is only derived from the cocoon of the silkworm. There are two types of silkworm that are typically harvested to obtain this smooth fiber.  The two types are the bombyx mori, which feeds only on mulberry leaves or the wild silkworm, which feeds on oak and other leaves. Natural silk is an incredibly fine fiber. It can be used to weave rugs and other fabrics with very high knot counts. Similar to wool, it can still feel dry even when carrying up to 30% of it’s weight in water. It will not become weak when wet, like some other fibers have a tendency to do. It is resistant to dry rot, as well as certain types of mildew or mold. Silk is a not the best type of fiber to be subjected to a lot of abrasion. Silk rugs are right at home as show pieces, but do not hold up as well when being used practically in a home.

We will fill you in on some more facts and information regarding silk rugs down the road. But, for now we hope this post was informative for you. Give us a try when you’re ready to have your natural fiber rug cleaned and you will love our customer friendly service and our highly detailed cleaning!

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