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Why Are Area Rugs So Exspensive

Are Rugs Fairly Priced or are they really expensive?

One of the most common questions we get asked is why are rugs so expensive?

Are they really expensive though? Asking that question reduces the historically significant works of art to their basic function. You can’t ignore the value of the masterpiece entirely.

Handmade rugs, especially antique ones, are much more than just another piece of furniture in your home. They are made with many hours of hard work, artistry and thousands of years of tradition.

Take a look at some of the factors that go into the price of rugs and see why they are expensive.

What is the value of a rug?

 The first thing that needs to be said about why rugs are expensive is that hand knotted and woven rugs are very different from machine made rugs. The rug weaver uses time honored designs and techniques to make each rug a unique work of art. Human hands tied each knot, and also dyed and spun the wool, silk or cotton that went into making the rug. Each piece is a decision made by the weaver. This makes it an extension of the personality of the designer, not just another piece of fabric.

There are several factors that determine the value of the rug. One of the most common is the density, the number of knots per square inch. While the knot count is important, it is not for the reason most people think it is. The higher the knot count, the longer it took to make the rug.

The count is important for another reason, it allows the designer to make the rug with a higher level of detail than a rug with a lower knot count. A comparison would be a high definition graphic with a high number of pixels per inch compared to a lower pixel count. A high knot count allows the rug weaver a higher range of expression such as shading and detail. It allows them to make designs that are not possible with a low knot count.

Besides the knot count, the pattern of the rug, the design and colors used go into the value. Also, if the rug designer is well known the value is more. Also, there is the antique value of the rug. If it is an older antique rug it tends to be more valuable. A fine rug can last hundreds of years, but the wool, silk, dyes and materials are organic and will break down. As times goes on many of these beautiful antique rugs will disappear.

The most expensive rug ever sold at an auction, was in June of 2013 at Sotheby’s Auction House. It was a 17th century rug with a sickle leaf design that brought in $33.7 million. The factors in this rug were the age and condition of the rug for its age, the design, the historical significance and the artistic appeal. This was a rare piece that is considered a world treasure and as valuable as any artifact that is still around from the 1600’s, the Golden Age of the Safavid Empire. It is hard to put a price on an antique such as this one.

We hope this blog helps you understand how area rugs and oriental rugs are priced the way they are. Give us a call anytime for any questions. 407-930-4854 or search area rug cleaners near me in Google and we will pop right up.

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