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Putting The Customer First!

When you hire a company to provide any type of professional cleaning service, make sure you choose a company with a positive history that uses trained employees, proper equipment and proper methods. If you have found this thread, you have more than likely been led here by way of an online Internet search that took you first to a platform showing our abundance of positive reviews. We are proud to have so many wonderful reviews about our Oriental Rug Cleaning Plant Orlando! When we started this company, we stated with a philosophy of providing each customer with the best experience possible. When we talk about , we mean exactly that! The total customer experience encapsulates every step of the process, from the moment you contact us, through your service appointment, all the way through to when we follow up with you to ensure a positive experience. This is the foundation on which our company’s success stands.

In order for us to have gotten to a point in which we can consistently provide such a positive experience for each one of our individual customers, we regularly spend time having meetings to discuss our feedback, to discuss new ideas and to check out new equipment, solutions and procedures. We like to think of it as “continuing education” for our Oriental Rug Cleaning company. Some of our customer service methods, cleaning methods, equipment and solutions have been a continually successful part of our company’s daily operations since day one, but there have also been some improvements along the way that have helped us to keep the customer experience we provide at the highest level possible. We believe that no matter what services a company provides or how long a company has been in business, most things constantly evolve with time, so a continued effort to provide the best service or product available will help to set certain companies apart from the rest along with helping these customer experience centered businesses succeed.

If you look our company up online, you will not have to go too far to find some of our outstanding reviews. As this post is written, our reviews are growing abundantly across the Internet. Sites like Yelp and Angie’s list give customers a platform to share their unbiased experiences with the world. Even Google itself has a review system that can be quite helpful during a search for a product or service provider. Word of mouth has always seemed to be the preferred, most reliable way to determine whom you should hire or what you should purchase. When you have a friend, relative or neighbor rant and rave about how well a service company performed, or how well a certain product works, you are going to feel much more comfortable and inclined to purchase that same product, or to hire that same service provider. Well, these days, online reviews can be the best word of mouth referrals available. The key is to find a company with an abundance of reviews, this will really be able to give you an idea of what to expect with a product or service. It is always a little fishy when a company or product has a five star rating, but only has 4 or 5 reviews. But, if you see a company or product with many reviews, reaching into the hundreds and sometimes the thousands, you really can feel like the reviews are a true reflection of what you should expect out of a product purchased or a service provided. I myself cannot purchase a product or hire a service provider without doing what I feel to be my due diligence and researching online. I feel that we are lucky to have accessibility to such a wide range of reviews and ratings for services and products that really show a consumer’s true thoughts and feelings regarding particular products or services. This amazing tool that is a product of modern technology should be coveted and used regularly.

As we have already mentioned, the key is in the number of reviews. The more reviews there are, the more comfortable you should feel that the reviews are genuine and honest. Our Oriental Rug Cleaning Plant Orlando as well as our Oriental Rug Cleaning Facility Tampa has earned many reviews online; thanks to the work we continuously put in to ensure that our customers are always receiving the best service and customer experience possible. These reviews are a direct reflection of the service experience you will receive when working with our company. We will continue to put the complete customer experience at the top of our list of importance, and it will continue to show by way of happily satisfied customers. We feel so confident in our reviews and service, thanks to the effort put forth by every member of our Area Rug Cleaning team!

Our rug technicians operate a variety of service equipment to perform our full immersion washing process in our facility. This method uses a cool water full immersion flushing process that replicates the ages old river wash, which along with our proper equipment and solutions, provides the best and safest wash for all of your area rugs, no matter the material the rug is made of or even the construction type of the rug. All of the equipment we use is the best and most reliable equipment on the market. Our rug washing solutions are safe, biodegradable solutions that are highly effective for treating a variety of rug types, making is a safe yet effective solution that is used to help loosen up the fibers, making the debris much easier to remove. During each rug washing service, our technicians will perform very thorough pre cleaning and post cleaning inspections, which help the technicians to identify any possible concerns and proceed with the proper cleaning methods. Our technicians are very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable when it comes to any of the services they perform. Customers are always encouraged to ask any questions they may have or to point out any particular concerns they may have about their area rugs. After the initial in depth pre cleaning inspection is carried out in our facility, our friendly technicians will advise you on any issues or concerns that are recognized and what should be done going forward.

A combination of our high end professional equipment, safe and effective solutions, proper methods and constant employee training give our area rug technicians everything they need to provide each and every one of our customers with the best service and customer experience possible! We are happy to say that we have honestly earned each one of our reviews by way of starting our company with and continuing to put the total customer experience at the forefront of importance! Give us a shout and see for yourself. Use us once and you will see why our customer retention rate is out of this world!

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